Dr. Wharton of The Canadian Bariatric Clinic has Moved to The Wharton Medical Clinic

The Canadian Bariatric Clinic is no more!

Dr. Sean Wharton has opened his own clinic, The Wharton Medical Clinic, here . The site is still under construction but you can get some basic info, etc. I noticed you can download a referral form to take to your doctor and looks like you can get a referral if you BMI is greater than 25 – which is MOST people.

I know Dr. Berlingieri is stating at old location and re-naming it to something else. I have no clue if parting was amicable but the official reason for the split is because it was getting too busy. My only experience with Dr. Berlingieri was when I saw him speak at the weight loss lectures in Burlington. He was perfectly nice but Dr Wharton is hard to match.

I haven’t been to new clinic yet but Dr. Whartin did mention he wanted to increase services available to his patients.

I should be going soon and will report back