Yeah!!! Finally Below the 285 lb. mark!

Wow- After several WEEKS of going up and down between 285 and 290 lbs I can now report that I am doing really well and I weighed in at 294 this morning. WOO HOO!

I am quite happy about it. I feel like I am back on track and it has not been that hard. I was really struggling through November December. I was down to 284 mid November and then within a few days was over 291 and scale just would not move. When I went to see Dr. Wharton at Canadian Bariatric Clinic late November I weighed in at 289. He was encouraging. Then Christmas put me into a tailspin. I didn’t binge but I sure wasn’t dieting! Bit scary how fast and out of control things can get.

So basically I have lost all the weight in the last week.

What Have I been Doing Differently to Lose The Weight?
– Drinking LOTS of water
–eating first thing in morning, I will eat 2 diet yoghurts ( 40 calories each) while I wait for my tea to be made. Later I will make a protein smoothie. I bought myself a Magic Bullet blender to make them in. Making them and clean up is a breeze.
– Protein Bars. I have been relying heavily on these. I buy Detour Bars at Costco as well as another Meal Replacement type ( which are very good) I will get name of them . Dr. Wharton was the one who suggested I get more protein.

Protein reduces cravings. I am supposed to have 90 grams of protein a day and it can be REALLY hard. I don’t eat much meat and trying to get enough protein has been a challenge.

– Keeping DANGER food out of the house. Not kidding myself by baking or buying foods I am tempted by and telling myself that they are “for the kids”

– Never letting myself get hungry. If I feel hungry it may be too late. I pace myself and snack often and eat apples, clementines and pears.

– Avoiding white sugar and white flour at all costs! These are trigger food for me. Foods with white flour usually next to know nutritive value. Sugar+ flour+ fat is a BAD combination for. If I stay away I am better off all around.