Is Synthroid Making Me A Crazy Person?

Started medication for sub-clinical hypothyroidism last week and taking .75 mcg of Synthroid. I am nutcase. Had insane crying jag this week. Also am cold- worse then before.

I have done some reading and people seem to recommend Armour ( natural ) thyroid medication- but hard to tell if reviews are by real people or drug reps. Not sure why I am squeamish about taking dessicated pig glands. Will talk to Dr. Wharton about next time I see him- he was a pharmacist before he became a doctor so maybe that makes him more knowledgeable than most about the chemistry.
Saw some alarming side effect s with the Synthroid and wish I had never read because of course now I have every single one :-)
I do notice increased hunger and my hand and feet do seem colder- however it IS cold out .

If some one knows about it- please let me know.
I have been taking about 10 days now. Not sure if I feel better or not. I seem to be able to focus more easily than before and have more energy.