Recommendations for Meal Replacement Bars/Protein Bar – Detour Bar

I saw Dr. Sean Wharton this week at the Canadian Bariatric Center – one of the things we discussed was food cravings/feeling full and getting enough protein. I am pretty much vegetarian except for the odd bit of chicken and find it hard to get enough protein.
I have been eating ALOT of protein and meal replacement bars- the one I like are from Wal-Mart, the Equate Chocolate Peanut caramel bar and Pria bar. They are about 250 calories in one bar. Dr. Wharton told me his patients like the Detour bar- and he liked it because it had less sugar and about half the carbs as other bars- and they were good price. He also gave me a sample of Boost “diabetic” meal replacement drink to try .. which I really didn’t like.