Things We Do To Trick Ourselves Into Eating Foods We Shouldn’t


Sabotaging Our Weight Loss with Crazy Logic

I have several habits I have picked up the years. They make no sense intellectually but I do them anyway. They sabotage my journey to health and undermine my success fat and weight loss yet I do them anyway. Some of them are so ridiculous they are funny.

I wonder what others do to convince themselves to eat things they really should be avoiding? Do you do things that make no sense and have weird justification for it?

1. If no one sees me eat it- it doesn’t count.

Some how the calorie content of food MUST go way down if no one can see you it. Rather than take a piece of cake or brownie or whatever and eat it.. i will go in fridge and eat it behind the door… Or drive to a store and eat a box of peanut brittle in the parking lot. Go into kitchen at party and take cookie/square/food when non one is looking. I know it is not because I am afraid of what they think- it’s because on some level I think it doesn’t count.

2. if I eat it standing up- doesn’t count.

This sort of ties in with above. I I eat at kitchen counter- doesn’t count. Over a batter bowl- nope. Standing at the fridge with spoon of ice cream in my hand- calories magically disappear.

3. I am buying these cookies/brownies/nanaimo bars for the REST of the family.

They may never even see them in truth – or will have one each and the rest will some how disappear. I have even gone so far as to throw out food like this so I won’t eat it.

4. I am baking/cooking it for REST of the family. see above.

5. I will diet tomorrow.

“If I REALLY cut back tomorrow then I will still make my goal weight this weekend”. Healthy eating is a habit- not something you do sometimes. I got to be 300 lbs thinking I would do something ‘tomorrow” . Tomorrow never comes.

6. If I don’t weigh myself I am not fat.

Variation on the if I know what I weight I am will get depressed and eat more. The head in the sand approach. This is sort of like an alcoholic not admitting he is an alcoholic- because if he admitted it – he would have to stop drinking . If we don’t weigh ourselves we don’t have to stop eating and take control.

7. I am not THAT fat.

See above. I started thinking at 318 lbs I might be really fat when I went to my usual stores ( Cotton Ginny Plus) and Land’s End and their largest sizes didn’t fit me. I would have to try on 10 pairs of pant to get one that i could wear. Not look nice- but wear.The criteria for clothes became not if i liked it but if it fit. I would also compare msyelf to others. Somehow seeing a 400 llb woman made me feel better ” At least i am not THAT out of control” . At big functions I would look around and realize that of the 400+ people at the wedding i was the fattest person there. If some one else was bigger- i would be relieved. On some level it meant I belonged with the “other” people.

8. I Can Always Get Surgery.
Yes- if you are healthy enough for the surgery, if you can afford the surgery and the time . If you want to put yourself though that risk. Any surgery- and especially gastric bypass or lapband surgery has risks. There is long recovery time. It does not SOLVE the problem of your eating habits – those you still have to conquer.
I am not against surgery- for some people it is a need or they will die. If you are on the cusp of needing it and using that choice in the back of your mind it is a slippery slope. It is the same mentality of a drunk thinking he will just get a liver transplant if his liver fails.

It was actually this option that lead me to finally get help. I started researching surgery. I discovered I didn’t need it. But it was my last card to play. I would lay awake at night and think if thing get too bad than I will get surgery. When Dr. Wharton ( Dr. Sean Wharton of Canadian Bariatric Clinic) gives his lectures ( which are excellent- if you are able try and got to them- more info here). he talks about his ideas for weight loss- eating small meals, increased protein and fibre, etc really being the the same way you eat and how you would lose with weight loss surgery. This was a light bulb moment for me. I would have surgery to get the same effect as follow his diet advice. OR I could follow his dieting advice and get same effect without the surgery. I have teetered- a lot- but I am 40+ pounds less now than before I met him and making changes that will last forever.

9. My weight doesn’t affect my health- there is nothing wrong with me. ( need to add YET here)

I am lucky. I have excellent blood pressure. My blood sugar is fine. My mom – who has always been pretty thin- tales insulin for her diabetes. My dad who was a professional athlete and has always been in great shape and health now has diabetes. My sister was recently diagnoses with diabetes. I am a walking time bomb. I don’t have diabetes YET.
It like a smoker who keeps smoking because he doesn’t have lung cancer… yet.

I *think* my weight does not affect my health- here is evidence that suggests otherwise.

– a 38 I had to halt efforts to become pregnant because of a gall bladder problem and then had surgery to remove my gall bladder. Ever here the saying ” 40 Fair Female and Fat” Most people who have their gall bladder removes are fair skinned women near forty years old who are overweight. This could have been life threatening if a gall stone had gotten loose.

I have constant back problems. I suffer from terrible sciatica. I am in pain- alot.

10. I am fine with my weight.

No one is fine with their weight when they are fat. People who know me well will at some point comment at confident I am- what a great attitude I have- that they think its great that I have such a healthy self image. I am FAKING it. I kid myself and others.
I pretend that I am not fat and sometimes convince myself I am not.. however my self-loathing LOOMS about me like some suffocating specter. If I walked around showing how I really felt I would be a pathetic mess. If I “acted” fat my husband would not have sex with me. I don’t want my daughter t know how I really feel about my weight.
I don’t want my friends to know at night I think of how much I want to wear normal clothes and wear shoes with a heel.
I am not fine with my weight. I pretend I am so I can get through the day and not hate myself. I am figuring out how to love myself as I am- and accept on a deep level that I deserve to be healthy and fit and live.

Great Exercise For Obese People- Yoga

I have joined many fitness clubs in my life. I am a fairly confident person and their have been times where I have felt eyes burning on me when I have walked into a weight room or felt people looking over onto my treadmill to see how I am doing, etc or felt self-conscious while working out. Going to the gym is half the battle and I have felt good after wards but I am more conscious of not “fitting in” there than anywhere else.

having Balance- Connecting Your Mind and Body

I have started doing Yoga. I have been doing for several weeks. I can honestly say it has been life changing for me.
I have been doing a type of yoga, Hatha Yoga- the encourages the concept of “Yoga is For Everyone”. It is about accepting and respecting yourself. And understanding that everything has a balance. With strength their is flexibility and with tension is relaxation and there must be a balance.

If there is too much relaxation- you end up out of shape and not in tune with your body. Living in your head is what most fat people do. I think they literally separate their mind from their body . It may be for all kinds of reasons Woman and men you have been physically violated often end up overweight and obese and living “outside of the body” yoga is one way of getting back in sync.

I have done yoga many times- lots of stops and starts- and never once have I felt out of place or like I didn’t belong. The beginner class I was at last night had an eighty-year old BLIND woman coming for the first time.
Many times while I have been trying a pose and listening to the words of the intruder i have felt tears in my eyes- finally feeling connected to myself and like my body was worth caring for and respecting. Loving yourself- your whole self is not something only skinny and fit people do.

Yoga For Beginners

If you are intimidated by the thought of going to a gym try a yoga studio or community center/Y for classes. You need very little to start, A Yoga mat, belt and pillow are pretty much all you need, yoga blocks are also good to have. If you have to buy you can buy everything for under $20.00. You can often get for free in Freecycle groups.

Gyms Are Scary for Fat People

I am 285 pounds and have seen others heavier than me in classes and there is nothing to be worried about. Please give your self this gift of taking care and loving yourself!