Starting to Feel Better.. and more Fiber please! Any Ideas?

The side effect of insomnia seems to be wearing off a bit- thank god! I have had a few good nights sleep this week, despite the stress. We have had some bizarre things going on in our family and we were all running around this week.

Today my husband commented that he could see that I was “slimming down” a bit.. he was quite sweet about it. He is very supportive of all the changes I have been making. I am sure it has hurt him over the years to see me try and fail over the years.

I am struggling with adding more fiber to my diet. I am trying to eat 6 times a day, stick to about 1500 calories, 90 gram of protein and 30 grams of fiber. The fiber part is challenging!!! Looks like adding more vegetables and fruits is the only way to go.
I do eat oatmeal in the mornings which I think has been key.

Snack also hard. A couple of times this week I have felt a bit of a craving for something sweet- but nothing major. I did discover at county fair last night that a GIANT bag of Cotton Candy only had 100 calories in it.. I didn’t have any but I was shocked that it was so little. I thought for some reason it would be like a 1000 calories or something…

So- looking for some ways to add fiber to my diet.. if you could please share in comments section that would be great!