Latest Weight Loss Trend- Colon Cleansing

Eek.. I know.. a gross subject. Last year I was TOTALLY freaked out a a family gathering where my brother and step-mother started taking about this. My brother does a colon cleansing religiously every 3 months or so and my step mother announced she has had a colonic done. Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern often talks about her colon cleanses- she has recently lost over 55 pounds. It is supposed to rid your intestine of toxins and other crap that is stopping you from ridding body of waste properly. I am normally pretty fearless but just don’t think I could walk into my local health store and start asking about colon cleansing kits, Thank god for the Internet and online ordering! I would like to think that when I try it I will report back- but I just don’t think i could bring myself to share.

Has any one else tried it?? Did it work ? ( please- not too graphic!) Did you notice immediate results? Please post in the comments section!