Update from Latest Visit To Canadian Bariatric Clinic

I am so immersed in Christmas stuff I never really did post about my last visit with Dr. Sean Wharton at the Canadian Bariatric Clinic in Burlington.
I spent 30 seconds- maybe less with Derek. You basically weighed me and punched something in computer. No discussion of any kind. He must have been late for his lunch . I am sorry to say this- but I don’t have a lot of confidence in his abilities.. he does seem a bit dazed and out of his element. He is not some I would confide

Dr. Wharton was his usual enthusiastic self. He is quite remarkable and passionate. I wonder what his motivation his in helping treat obesity- you just can’t fake that kind of passion.
We chatted for quite a while about the Meridia- I did ask if I could get some sleeping pills to help get some sleep- answer was resounding no. He said it could cause more problems then it would solve and give it a bit more time and the sleep issues might go away on their own, I had noticed I am not waking up so early any more. Can’t GET to sleep by can stay asleep Before I was getting to sleep at 3/4/5 am and wide awake at 7-8. No I can easily sleep until 10-ish.

Last couple of weeks have actually been better and sleep has been easier. So I am glad I didn’t go with any kind of a sleep aid. He did say that Melatonin was okay to try. I though I had some in medicine cabinet but I must have tossed.

Dr. Wharton was also quite encouraging about my weight loss. I have been quite down. I was on such a roll and really stagnated. 3 weeks ago i weighed in at 284 and later that night jean felt snug…. next morning I weighed 292. I do NOT know how that happened so quickly. The weight didn;t come off easily, either. I thought it might be a temporary fluctuation.. but nope.
So I am at 286 today. Lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks. I know I am on track and Dr. Wharton wants you to lose about a pound a week but the pounds were just MELTING away before :(

He also recommended I try the Detour bars and gave me sample of Boost liquid meal replacement for Diabetics to try.. ( yuk!)
He suggested increasing or make sure I get enough protein and that was key to cravings.
I admit I have been bad with the protein. The bars help A LOT.