Weight Update

So, I did it- I went and weighed myself. Almost had a free pass because batteries low on scale and thought it wouldn’t read my current weight.
I weighed 286.5. So back to pre-Christmas weights. I hate looking at excuses but I really think Synthroid is causing me to be lethargic.
Bit depressed but can hide under blankets or meet it head on. So I made myself protein smoothies and will just get on with things. Will call Dr. Wharton later today.

Coming Clean- I Gained Weight

I am totally all over the place and in real danger of losing everything I worked for over the last few months.
I currently weigh about 285+ . I am afraid to get on the scales. I will weight myself today an post results. I haven’t made an appointment with Dr, Wharton because I keep meaning to go when I lose weight0 but I just don’t.

I know the medication for thyroid has really affected me- I have no energy for anything and even my house is a disaster- I just can;t get going. I have been taking Synthroid for hypothyroidism for about 2 months now and feel pretty crummy.
i have thought about going to my family doctor and seeing if she has any options.

Feeling pretty depressed. June is when we update our health coverage with my husbands medical plan and one of my goals was to qualify for life insurance. I need to weight 250 and at Christmas time that seemed like an achievable goal.

I will commit to two things today:
1. Weight Myself.
2. Call Dr. Wharton ( who has a new clinic)

Dr. Wharton of The Canadian Bariatric Clinic has Moved to The Wharton Medical Clinic

The Canadian Bariatric Clinic is no more!

Dr. Sean Wharton has opened his own clinic, The Wharton Medical Clinic, here . The site is still under construction but you can get some basic info, etc. I noticed you can download a referral form to take to your doctor and looks like you can get a referral if you BMI is greater than 25 – which is MOST people.

I know Dr. Berlingieri is stating at old location and re-naming it to something else. I have no clue if parting was amicable but the official reason for the split is because it was getting too busy. My only experience with Dr. Berlingieri was when I saw him speak at the weight loss lectures in Burlington. He was perfectly nice but Dr Wharton is hard to match.

I haven’t been to new clinic yet but Dr. Whartin did mention he wanted to increase services available to his patients.

I should be going soon and will report back

Crappy Week Weight Wise

I was feeling really great after my last visit with Dr. Wharton- I was down 5 VERY hard won pounds and at 280. I thought I would see a 279 or lower any day. Two days later on the scale I saw the dreaded 289 number!!! I was shocked- I have been doing EVERYTHING right-breakfast, journaling, etc. Was quite a blow. How I could go up 7 lbs in two days is mystery and after reading websites I feel like I should blame the thyroid medication. I just don’t know what it is.

This morning I was back to 282. With such little progress it is hard to keep going. I am sorry if I sound like a broken record! When things go badly I end up avoiding any posts- feel like I have nothing to offer but negativity – however maybe writing down how I feel and IF and WHEN there is progress I can look back and be glad I didn’t give up.

I may also update the web site this week among other things.

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Oh- And I lost 5 lbs since last Visit…

So will write about that as well. The last week I made a BIG push and really watched what i hate and forced myself to go for a couple of walks.
I was on a real roll making and eating those meringue cookies every day… so stopped that. Was conscious of eating in am and cut out rice. So instead of fish /rice/salad for dinner I have just been having more salad or throwing in some roasted soy beans and sunflower seeds, cranberries etc to make more interesting. Also watching how much milk I drink- I can tend to drink too much.

So- I MAY see a 270-ish number be this weekend. Will be a big milestone for me. I have some challenging situations coming up- a family dinner on the weekend and a potluck Friday. I have done pretty well at potlucks since i stared dieting and hope to continue the trend.

Big News for Canadian Bariatric Clinic- Opening Location in Hamilton

Will post more details later- but Dr. Wharton is moving to a Hamilton location and Dr. Berlingieri will stay in Burlington. The names are changing too. Last few times I have been it has been pretty crowded.

Dr. Wharton was quite excited about the move- he hinted that they would have lots more stuff for patients and he wanted to give them more attention, etc.

Six weeks of up and down.. no weight loss!!!!!

yes its true. I have not lost a single pound in 6 weeks. i weight the same as I did at the beginning of March. I have an appointment with Dr. Wharton in two weeks and I am freaking out. I know he will be fine but I just don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am not over eating. i am not binging. I know at Easter I went up to 288 (!) and know I am back to 282 but I really thoguth I would be in the 270’s by now. My only hope is i can where shorts to my next visit and that will seem like I lost weight.

I don;t think I have lost focus. I hate to keep whining about it but I have felt like a lump since taking the Synthroid and just CANNOT move. This is the only thing I can think of. I will have to force myself to have some sort of activity.

I am starting to feel a bit of anxiety creep in.