May Hit a New Weight Loss Milestone This Weekend

I have been struggling with losing any with for the last 3m months and stuck at the mid 280-s since March. I don’t want to cop out but I pretty much entirely blame my thyroid problems. I started thyroid medication for Hypothyroidism in March and actually started feeling worse a few weeks later. I think my thyroid problem got worse and medication was enough. I was BEYOND sluggish and lethargic. I could not do anything. Getting supper ready a struggle. House was a mess and laundry piled up.
My medication was increased about 3 ago weeks and at the beginning of the week i started to notice feeling a bit better. Today I can’t believe the difference.
I have done more “work” around the house in 3 days than in last 3 months. I have done jobs I have been procrastinating for week, got a tn of yard work done and a bunch of little things I just didn’t have the energy for have been done.

I am shocked at just how much I have accomplished. I do find I get pretty tired by about 9 pm but before I never “woke” up.
I can also report my weight has dropped. I am not eating any differently i am just MOVING which I wasn’t doing before.
I weighed in at about 280.5 lbs this morning and I think for the first time in 8 years I will go below the 280 mark. This may seem like a ridiculous goal from some but for me it is a major accomplishment.
I would like to hit 250 by September and qualify for life insurance on my husband’s work policy. I am starting to feel like I may actually do it. At Christmas I thought I would hit the 250 mark this June and didn’t happen but I also discovered the Hypothyroidism and I think that was a huge set back for me when it was undiagnosed and not at right levels.

Wish Me luck! Will weigh in tomorrow.

Protein Rich Snacks That Are Low Calories

One thing I have been doing is eating a small snack about 15-20 minutes before I eat a meal or if I have gone long stretches without eating. Eating a snack like that gives metabolism a boost and you are not dumping 500 calories of food into your system when your metabolism in not burning at 100%.
protein snacks

High Protein Low calorie Snacks

My goto snack that is lower in calories ( under 100 calories) and has protein is yogurt. Most of the no sugar added one have about 35 calories in them so I will have 1 or two of these. I do prefer yogurt make with Splenda and I avoid aspartame

List of Protein Snack sunder 100 Calories

low calorie yogurt
hard boiled egg
1/2 Detour protein bar
low fat cottage cheese
Rice pudding or Tapioca pudding ( Kozy Shack makes a good no sugar added)
Slicked turkey or chicken
roasted soy nuts
beef jerky
2 or 3 meringue cookies

Any other ideas?? Please let me know so I can add.

Taking Thyroid Medication and Dieting

One big challenge I have had is remembering to eat in the morning. Sr,. Wharton at Wharton medical clinic is big on not going to long without eating especially in the morning. You have to take thyroid medication ( I take Synthroid for under active thyroid) on an empty stomach and not eat for an hour.
image of pills

I think this is one reason why I have been all over the map.

Mt routine has always been ( pre medication) to get up and while making tea eat some yogurt and then have apple or other fruit with my morning tea. I then work for a couple of hours in the morning ( I do IT consulting very part time).

While laking the thyroid medication I am thrown off and end up drinking tea and forgetting to eat.. not to mention I am STARVING.
A girl friend of mine had a suggestion which Ii am trying and it seems to work okay but not perfect. She takes her thyroid medication as soon as she wakes up- it is on her bedside table so first time she get up to use washroom or get drink of water she reaches for he thyroid meds. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks and works so-so- mainly because I get up at such weird times.

Dr. Wharton was a pharmacist before he was a medical doctor so I will ask him about this and if maybe you can eat or can only wait half an hour.

Increased Dosage of levothyroxine sodium – Synthroid (Levothroid)

I saw Dr. Wharton last week and had my medication for hypothyroidism increased. I was taking .75mcg of Synthroid (levothyroxine sodium_ and started taking .100 mcg of Levothroid. Not sure why the brand change- its seems they are all them thing , levothyroxine sodium.

I think on my last blood text my TSH levels were better- 3.0 but my T4 count is lower end of normal and I still feel pretty crummy.
I literally cannot move and head feels cloudy. Also gained 6 pounds in about 3 weeks. I spoke to pharmacist and asked why I would feel worse after starting the thyroid medication and the only answer he cold come up with is that my thyroid problem got a bit worse. This is the most reasonable explanation I can find for why I have felt SO much worse then before.
Aside from feeling worse- thick and slow.. I did also noticed I am not cold all the time any more. I used to have to have a HOT bath every night to get warm and I have been fine.

Hard to tell if I feel any better- I had bad flow and it has been very hot here- as well as more stress than usual. Pharmacist said I would feel better for about 6 weeks and blood test should be done at 4 week mark.

No hair falling out, thank goodness and no other side effects that I can perceive from the Synthroid.

Increased dosage of Meridia Drug for Weight Loss

One of the strategies Dr. Wharton has taken is to increase my dosage of Meridia. I have been taken 10 mg a day since last September. My weight loss has totally plateaued and not only that- I gained 6 pounds in the last month ( which I chalk up to my thyroid issues.. but more about that later)
He didn’t seem discouraged about the weight gain. He think adding a protein snack before eating to boost metabolism will help and also re-testing my blood for TSH and T4 levels for my thyroid.
I was nervous about the higher does of meridia as I had HUGE sleeping issues for the first 2 months that I took it in the Fall.

I have also been going through HUGE stress( stressors?) and my eating has been very sloppy. Hopefully going to the clinic every 2 weeks will help.

One of my weight loss goals was to get insurance through my husband company this June- I need to be weigh 250 lbs to be eligible and I really thought I would. I mentioned this to Dr. Wharton and he said not to worry- it will be September instead.

So- started new meal plan- which adds a protein snack before eating a main meal. Needs to be about 75 calories and have protein. He recommended these bars but now I can’t remember their name. Was a small Canadian company that makes them.

I think I will make and post a list of snacks that have protein and are 75 calories later this week. I am aware that there are no recent pics- will take care of that , too.

The New Clinic in Hamilton- The Wharton Medical Clinic for Obesity and Weight Loss

Very sorry I couldn’t and didn’t write about my appointment with Dr. Wharton at the new clinic last week. I was crazy busy and then had the flu for the last few days.

The Wharton Medical Clinic for Weight Loss

Lots to report.
First- the new clinic. The old location was The Canadian Bariatric Clinic in Burlington at Walker’s Line and #5 in a nice medical building. Dr. Wharton and Dr. Berlingieri have gone their separate ways, presumably because they needed more space. I have only met Dr. Berlingieri at one of Dr. Wharton’s free lecture and I cant see how he will be able to continue without doctor Wharton. I do think the strength of the clinic is because of Dr. Wharton himself. You just cannot match his passion and enthusiasm. At first you are but freaked out and think this can’t possibly be genuine- who can get this excited about weight loss and helping people- but he really is that into it.

So the new clinic- Dr. Wharton is very excited about it. I have some reservation- the clinic is in an AWFUL location. It is just north of Hamilton General Hospital in the east end of hamilton. It is not a nice area. As a woman on my own I felt bit nervous and don;t think I would go there at night. I am being blunt. Maybe I am jaded n my safe middle class neighborhood but if you have been going to the old clinic at JBN medical in Burlington you will be taken aback.

However- he has gone to considerable effort to make the new office welcoming while be elegant. Hardwood floors, warmly painted walls and the comfortable chairs. His staff is terrific. I did not see any of the old staff from the Canadian Bariatric Clinic while I was there.

Despite Dr, Wharton taking off in a plane for short holiday in a couple of hours he was not rushed at all- He was was very excited about the new office and some of the services he will be able to provide.
They had a machine at Canadian Bariatric Clinic that measures your metabolism and cost 90.00. At the new Wharton Medical Clinic it is free for everyone- also a better machine.

Other new things- all patients get free sessions on emotional eating, nutrition and fitness with a specialist. I believe you get a session with each of the 3 specialist and after that there is a charge.
Bi-monthly bariatric checkups. I think this is the most importance difference- accountability. Before you saw Dr. Wharton about every 6-8 weeks and now you will see some one every two weeks to check in- weight, blood pressure and pep talk :-) . Will see Dr, Wharton every 6 weeks.

Would be curious to hear from others who have gone to the new clinic and what they think. I know some of the sessions will be gin groups of 10 so looking forward to meeting people.
Dr, Wharton did also tell me that he would be continuing his free lectures every 2 weeks.

He has also slightly modified his daily menus to give metabolism a boost and that will be something he talks about at your first appointment I am sure.

As always- if you are thinking of going- I am happy to answer questions as honestly as I can.