Meridia: Taking Meridia and Side Effects Day 9

I am just finishing up day 9 on the weight loss drug, Meridia. I found out yesterday that my drug plan will cover it- because I have >40 BMI.
The biggest problem I am having is trouble sleeping. I cannot drink or eat caffeine in any form and I was worried when I started drug I might have a problem… I am. I have really not been sleeping at all. I just cant fall asleep and when I do i wake up about every 2 hours. Last night was one of the worst- i went to bed at midnight and fell asleep about 5:30 am. I woke up 2 or 3 times and slept until 10. I am in bad shape. I have not had a good night’s sleep since I started taking.
I hope it will wear off at some point because I don’t think i can continue like this. I do feel the drug is working. I am not over eating in any way and often forget to eat. I feel to “speedy: to eat. I don’t know if this is a good thing- but neither is weighing 300 lbs.
I also notice a somewhat dry mouth- but nothing I can’t live with.see doctore for checkup – blood pressue needs to be checked at 2 week point when taking Meridia and also will weigh myself. I am hoping to have lost 10+ lbs.


Taking Meridia: Day 6 update and side effects

Hi- Day 6 taking the weight loss drug, Meridia.

I would LOVE to hear from others and their experience taking it. Some of the Reading I have done has been discouraging- some sites say 10% loss of body fat per year and others say about 5-6 lbs a year. Both numbers are discouraging. The cost is high–150.00 a month and some side effects. Possible side effects include higher blood pressure and increased heart rate . I will be checked in 2 weeks and the again at 4 weeks for that…

I have noticed quite nasty heartburn that has woken me up a couple of times. Also maybe bit of dry mouth- but nothing that horrible and raciness is bit better,. I have been waking up feeling great and feeling like I could do anything. Today I painted some built-ins in family that I have put off for 2 months now and feel like I have more energy in general- a definite plus!
Maybe its just co-incidence- but i do seem shorter tempered- I normally have a lot of patience but i have been feeling agitated. Could other things tho and not drug..

Excess Skin After Weight Loss

One of the boggest conceren fo people who have alot of weight to lose is excess skin and will they need plastic surgery, This is one of the MANY easons I haev for holding off on gastric bypass surgery or and WLS( weight loss surgery).
Interesting article here on The Myth of Loose :
When I look at my body- expeciall the “apron” of fat and skin I really dont know what will happen to it or where it will go.
The article implies that increasing mucsle mass with ger rid of the excess skin- but I am dubious.

Forom the site”
Non-Surgical Removal of “Loose Skin”
To eliminate the droopy appearance of the remnants of excess body fat following weight loss, without resorting to surgical procedures, you must change your body composition, not just lose bodyweight. That means paying particular attention to the ratio of your body fat to lean body mass. Gaining muscle to replace some of those lost pounds of body fat and preventing loss of lean body mass while dieting will dramatically improve your appearance.

It is possible to be at the ideal bodyweight according to Body Mass Index charts (BMI), but still have too much body fat and not enough lean body mass. For example, a young woman in her twenties with “loose skin” recently appeared on a popular radio talk show. She had lost over two-hundred pounds in one year, and her bodyweight at 5′ 8″ was now in the 120’s. Yet, her abdomen was covered with flabby skin that hung off of her. I would guess there is at least another 20 pounds of excess body fat stored in those folds of skin. However, if she lost another 20 pounds of bodyweight, she would obviously look like an emaciated stick! But, that’s not because she is too low in body fat…it’s because she lacks sufficient lean body mass!

Day 4 Taking Meridia and Possible Side Effects?

Today is Day 4 taking weight loss drug Meridia.

I have noticed a couple of side effects. I stopped drinking caffeine of ANY kind about 3 years ago because it made me feel so racy – even a small amount. I notice with the Meridia I feel that way for the first few hours after taking it. VERY speedy and almost euphoric- I know the Meridia works in a similar way to anti-depressants so this must be whats going on. This morning I threw open my closet in and effort to “dress-up” and put make-up on for the first time in months.
This might be because I am feeling good and having “hope” again but could also be the drug.

I have been feeling very lethargic the last few months and trouble getting up in the morning and just want to watch TV for the first part of the day and force myself to do things.
Yesterday I woke up and was scrubbing bathroom floors and misting curtains with lavender water before I had my first cup of tea.
I would say I definitely have more energy.

On the down side- I am noticing a problem with sleeping. I know some people have problem with insomnia on the drug. I am having trouble getting to sleep- I feel wide awake at nigh although I do fall asleep. I wake up 2 or 3 times in night and wake up early. I am also have weird dreams and don’t feel quite asleep. I am hoping that goes away.

I am sure I have lost weight- I had been sick last couple of weeks so that;s contributed to it but I also feel like have taken off some weight. I am at doctors next week and will weigh myself them I think I will have lost at least lbs in the week.

I have been eating normally and being conscious of glycemic index foods. We had whole wheat pasta with meat balls and whole grain baguette bread last night for dinner, for example.

I do noticed less of an appetite and easier to say no to problem foods. I don’t feel like am dieting at all.
I am having problems with understanding the GI ( Glycemic Index) diet and got another book, The GI Diet Revolution yesterday and will read this afternoon.

Glycemic Index Diet, or GI diet and My Dieting History

I thought I knew what this diet was until I started reading book last night . My brother was on the diet last year and I sort of zones out when he was talking about it. I have been on LITERALLY every diet known to man. I have been “fat” since I was 10 years ols. My parents had me in an experimental research lab at 11 years old wearing a golf par counter on my wrist and counting mouthfuls, checking in at medical lab weekly and journaling my eating habits.

My dad was crazy good looking ( cross between Paul Newman and Harrison Ford) and competitive squash player, went to University on Gymnastics scholarship does heli-skiing, etc. My mom is also quite beautiful- although the year of alcohol abuse have taken their toll.
Good lucks were a premium in our home. I think it was an affront to him that he had a chubby daughter.

I find it interesting that all three of the kid have serious weight issues. Neither my brother or sister as severs as mine but both have BMI over 35-40. I struggled my entirely life and brother and sister in their mid-20’s.

At any rate, I have dieted since I can remember. I was on a low-carb diet when i was 15 and lost TON of weight ( though this was probably more because of binging and purging)
I did manage to stay “chubby” well into my 20’snefore seriously packing it on. I went up to 250 lbs and then Slim-fasted my way to 165, and it was then for the first time in my life I felt really beautiful. I remember one day walking down the street and catching a reflection myself in shop window and not knowing who the person was- and then crying because I had DONE it.

Four years later I was got married. I weighed 273 lbs on my Wedding Day (11 years ago).
I hovered around that weight a long time. I even lost some weight when i got pregnant.
I left my husband when my baby was 6 months old. He began abusing alcohol in a frightening way and was become increasingly violent. I met some one new 3 years later and re-married ( he is wonderful). I was still around the 275 mark. That was 7 years ago and I had another baby 4 years ago and now weigh 313 as of yesterday.

In between those years I went to Jenny Craig ( went for 270 to 210… then back again) Weight Watchers ( 3 times). I never had much luck with Weight Watchers- and one week I even gained. Was a vegetarian for 3 years. Joined countless gym’s, hundreds of dollars worth of exercise videos and dvd’s. Yoga classes, Pilate’s, swimming, biking- you name it and and it was always going to be the answer.
I have tried : Fit for Life, Pritikin, Cabbage Soup Diet, Low Carb, Atkins, Food combining , counting fat and fibre grams, etc.
So I am sceptical. I repeat myself- but I am faith-less. Each new diet or program does seem like start of another failure. On the outside I look excited and family and friends would never know. But deep down I feel entirely without hope. I am trying to turn that around- and “behave” my way out of despair, but I have vowed to myself that I will be entirely honest on this blog- and strip my emotions down. I am without hope.
Yesterday I felt a glimmer when I went to pharmacy to fill the Meridia prescription. Last night I read the Glycemic Index diet book. I felt old feeling return. That sensation of- “could this be it? “… and “I can’t bear it if it isn’t. ”


Yes- Its been One year! Update

It really has been a year. I have neglected this blog- mainly because I have neglected myself as well. I just couldn’t face this blog because every time I came on it I was reminded of my failures.

I have re-newed hope this week. I started taking weight-loss drug, Meridia and beginning a low glycemic diet. After waiting 4 years ( yes 4!!!) to see obesity specialist I received letter in the mail to tell me the specialist has moved his practise.. then gave e the name of another, Dr.Sean Wharton. I saw dr. today and they faxed over referral and I HOPE to him in October. I know he really pushes Opti-fast ( a low carb liquid protein) diet that cost- get ready for this – 3500.00 for the program!!! Yikes.
He is also refers some of his patience to surgeons in New York… Gastric Bypass surgery seems so scary to me. I have been really looking into it this week- and I am not sure I am there yet. I am currently 313 lbs and a BMI of about 46.00. I am desperate- desperate not to get sick or die too early- but the thought of being so out of control that I need to remove part of a major organ is so frightening to me, I would like to try other avenues first. So will give this drug, the Meridia a try. I started taking today and bought a Glycemic Index diet book at Chapters today.
So many times when I start something new – it has lately seemed like the start of another failure. For this first time I have some hope. My doctor today told me that it is quite likely that my metabolism in screwed up for the 30+ years of dieting and this may help. I will post often about this. One of the main side effects to watch out for is higher blood pressure- so I go back every two weeks to check for first bit. My heart rate went up quite a bit today at pharmacist’s when I went to pay- 150.00 for one month! My health plan may cover- have to get prior authorization form filled out.

Pre-Packaged “100 Calorie” snack packs good or bad idea?

these are the newest thing to hit the snack market- 100 calories snack- Both Cadbury and Hershey offer 100 calorie bar/sticks of chocolate. Mr. Christie has oodles of pre-packaged snacks aimed at dieters- wafer thin cracker-like Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies or Reese’s Pieces cereal snack mix. I do like the portability of the snacks- they are great for keeping in the car for a craving or kids – HOWEVER maybe its me- but they can lure you into a false sense of security. 1 pack is so tiny that I will find myself eating another… and another. Suddenly I have eaten 3 of these things and consumed the same amount of calories as as full size chocolate candy bar .
The snacks tend to be heavy in sugar and simple carbohydrate – leaving you wanting more and more. I undertand their convenience of portion control- but don’t be fooled – or fool yourself into eating more than one of these. You are much better of with an apple or juicy peach- the higher fibre helps with hunger and cravings- you are getting much better bang for you buck when it comes to food “value”.

Advertisers Playing Dirty- ” Advergames” for kids

I have seen this a few times now- I think the first time was with a kinder egg surprise- you got a “secret” code with your chocolate egg to play a game online. The latest trend in kids advertising is online games featuring junk food favourites- such as Froot Loops, Cheetos and others. I am all for free speech but I wish we could draw the line. Just another way to draw children into eating cheaply made and highly profitable junk food. Personally I think all advertising aimed at children should be banned.

Here is article on CNN’s website for more information on these “advergames” for kids.

Week #13- Weightloss Update

I took the plunge and weighed myself. I actually lost another 2 lbs- which is a miracle based on the month we have had. Nothing but stress. Stress for me usually means coconut cream pies and more. So I am a svelte 308 now. Hardly worth changing the picture in my header :-)

I have been going through this weird phases where I push my own addictions on the family. I some how convince myself that my family needs and wants dessert every day- when in fact it is usually me that ends up eating half- or more of it. I am now in the habit of making graham cracker crust pies. We have made 2 coconut cream, a key lime and one butterscotch banana pie in the last 2 weeks. I foget that I CANNOT bring this stuff in to the house. I don;t know how I delude myself. I am like the smoker who thinks he will never get lung cancer.