Stuck in A Slump?? Going back to Diet Basics

I feel like I did a couple of month ago when I was stuck for WEEKS at 289. I have been in the 281-283 zone forever it seems.
My weight loss momentum is slowing down. I wonder if Meridia is still working? I have been taking the Synthroid for a week now.. so maybe that will boost my metabolism and my thyroid has been an issue.

I have been pretty sloppy about dieting last couple of days. maybe subconsciously I think I don;t have to because I have all ready lost so much weight and the thyroid was the problem ( and no its not- just another way I trick my brain…)

At last visit Dr. Wharton mentioned that most people can only keep records for 2 weeks ( he means food diary) He is right I start and stop all the time.

I am going back to basics today- record keeping, drink lots of water, eat frequently and getting rid of danger foods in the house.

Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) Today

I had some blood test done in the New Year that showed some off numbers.. redid the test and there were on the high side of normal so Dr. Wharton re-did the test last week and sure enough high again. They are not crazy high so I actually have sub-clinical Hypothyroidism. This means my TSH levels are hight but my T4 level are in normal ranges.
From my reading some doctors may or may not treat- but because of my weight issues and fatigue we are going to try treating it and see what happens.

Also from what I read- the numbers are not important as how you feel. So higher number may not mean “worse” if asymptomatic.

So now I am taking 75 mg of Synthroid (Levothyroxine) each day. Apparently I will not feel effects right away- may tkle a few days or weeks. being retested again in 3 weeks.

Looking at the list of symptoms they are pretty vague:

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

* Increased sensitivity to cold
* Constipation
* Pale, dry skin
* A puffy face
* Hoarse voice
* An elevated blood cholesterol level
* Unexplained weight gain
* Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
* Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints
* Muscle weakness
* Heavier than normal menstrual periods
* Depression

Of the above Hypothyroidism symptoms, you could say I- and anyone else- have had these symptoms at one time or another. I am alwys cold. I even bought a hot tub so I could deal with it. I also have a heated mattress pad. But- I also live in cold climate so that could be it too :-).
I am not pale or puffy faced. I do not have a hoarse voice ( that I know of…). My cholesterol is fine. My muscles are always sore.. but I am also obese. I do suffer from terrible RLS ( restless leg syndrome) and get leg cramps often so maybe ?
No swelling that I know of. No muscle weakness. Depression- yes- but that is always been an issue for me.
Heavier than normal menstrual periods- well- I was mentioning yesterday to my husband that in the last year my periods have been awful But again- maybe my age… who knows.

More info on Hypothyroidism

At the Risk Of Jinxing Anything- Pounds Are falling Off!

I am on a real roll- and hate to jinx it! Weight is just dropping off with seemingly little effort and despite a fudge incident earlier this week. I am trying VERY hard not to have any sugar and earlier in the week I had about 3 pieces of fudge. Nothing nuts but I do fins when I have sugar it leads to more sugar… and more.. There weren’t any repercussions to the fudge. I feel like a smoker vowing to never smoke- then trying it just to “see” if they still like it.

I have been VERY conscious of the protein intake and drinking lots of water. I have my husband trying to lose weight as well now and following my advice :-) he is normally very thing and fit but has put on about 20 extra pounds over the last few years. So his idea of dieting and my idea are totally different. 5 lbs to him is a quarter of the way there!

How Did My Christmas Go? Weight Loss Update

Well.. in the case of alcoholics and dieters- no new is bad news.
I did not gorge by any means but there were 3 or 4 days where things were a bit out of control. My weight is all over the place. It is up and down from 284-289 day to day almost. I may actually find myself in a spot where I am same weight when I got for monthly visit to Canadian Bariatric clinic next week.
I have come to dread the scale. I really thought I would be at 275 by New Years and I have barely budged in the last month. I am going to have to add more exercise to my routine.
I really want to see a 2-7 number of some kind!! This will mar my lowest weight in 7 years. If I can get below 268 will be a 10 year low for me. I was at 273 for almost 5 years so that will be a milestone. Will not change my ticker or take new photos until I hit consistently below 285. I cannot believe i was at 284 for a day almost 2 months ago… then stuck at 289 for weeks. ARGH.

I have been doing very well with eating last few days- realy making an effort to get in water, protein and avoid sugar. Should pay off by end of week. I am predicting I will be at or below 285 by Sunday.

Why No Weight Loss Updates?

Yes I know- no I have not gone off the wagon! My last appt was late October and I don’t have another one scheduled until December with Dr. Wharton. I like to use the same scale.

I bough a new hi-tech one last week and I don;t think the weight correspond ;-) I should be at about 185 and it is reading around 291- which would mean 4 lbs in 2 weeks and that SEEMS unlikely- but but I have hit a wall. I will try and update when something interesting to report .

Yay! Made My Halloween Goal to Lose 20 lbs by Halloween!

I have probably lost closer to 25 lbs- was at my goal last Monday :-)

The scales I have are wonky and can shift by 30 lbs depending on any kind of shift in weight.. so I almost picked up new scales at Costco yesterday.

I will put up some new pics this week as it is beginning the month.

Weight Loss Update: Week 7 (8?) and 4th visit at Canadian Bariatric Clinic

No Dr. Wharton today- just a stress test and ultra sound of my heart. Everything great. No heart problems at all. My blood pressure is normal again- if not on the low side 110/70.
Had stress test and was fine as well- not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.
Big news of course is I lost another 7 lbs in since last visit October 10. So I have met my Halloween goal of losing 20 lbs in 2 months all ready! I am down to 295. First time I have weighed been below 300 lbs in almost 5 years or so..

I can’t write much tonight- I went to sleep at 3am and woke up at 5:30 ( Thank-you Meridia for the Insomnia) . I may have to seriously consider going off the drug if this keeps up. My husband has really stepped up to the plate and helped with kids/dinner, etc when I have been zombie like this. Will update charts more tomorrow.

Other meridia side effect- REALLY dry mouth last few days.
Insomnia just terrible. I am basket case. I have taken Tylenol PM a few times to get/stay asleep and will ask doctor again if this is okay. I notice i am kind of bitchy next day if I take it night before.

Other highlights- my clothes are starting to hang and wearing jeans! Will post pics on the weekend.

1 Month Weight loss Update and Weight loss Pics

As of of now- 1 month after I started my weight loss journey using Meridia weight loss drug and lower calories diet I have lost 12 lbs!
My current weight is 302 lbs. Yeah! I am quite pleased. I started at 314 4 weeks ago. I am following a low calories diet ( 1500-1800 calories a day) and trying to eat low glycemic foods- as well as more fiber and protein.
Here is my pic now:

Other pics:
meridia weightloss sept

meridia weightloss pics

Week Three on Meridia: Update and Weigh-In

Today marks the third week I have been taking the weight loss drug, Meridia. It is from the same family of drugs as serotonin uptake blocking anti-depressants ( like Prozac) and one of the “side effects” is a feeling of satiety. I do notice I do not crave foods or “fantasize” about foods or over indulge since I have been on the drug. So much so that making meals for my family has become an issue- I rarely feel hungry and have to ouch myself to think about meals and what to make.
Curretn side effects of Meridia:
I am still feeling racy- though not as much
dry mouth has pretty much gone
Insomnia- I am having problems sleeping and I am normally a pretty good sleeper. The last couple of night have been much better so hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Last week i resorted to taking Tylenol Pm to knock myslef out but still woke several times.
My blood pressure is still fine. My heart rate has increased by about 10 beats per second, however. Dr. Wharton assures this will go down as I start to lose weight.

I weighed in today at 308 lbs. For a total of about 7 lbs in three weeks. I am quite pleased. I put on a pair of jeans today that I couldn’t manage to zip up last year. My goal is to wear them by Halloween.

2 Weeks on Meridia Update- Weightloss Update and some news!

Saw my doctor today for two weeks check up- they need to monitor blood pressure for first little while taking Meridia.
My blood pressure is fine it is about the same 130/77 . My heart rate is a little high though- was 81 which is higher than it normally is…
I also got weighed- i started 2 weeks ago at 142.5 kg ( 315 lbs) and this morning it was 140.5 kg (310.5) so close to 5 lbs !
I am quite pleased- as I don’t feel like I have honestly been eating that much differently- though we are following a low glycemic diet- eating whole grains and reducing or cutting out simple processed carbohydrates.
I do feel with Meridia that I am craving less and do not feel hungry. I still feel pretty racy and sleep is an issue.

Other news- I am seeing the obesity specialist soon. Dr Sean Wharton at the Canadian Bariatric clinic. I am quite nervous. I don’t know why- but I am… I have mixed reviews on him- my doctor says he is great but on some of the obesity forums people have have not been that positive- saying he REALLY pushes expensive liquid weight loss product, Opti-fast, which I have no desire to take. It is also $3500.00 for the program ( I believe it is 6 month program). I will give full report next week.