Taking Thyroid Medication and Dieting

One big challenge I have had is remembering to eat in the morning. Sr,. Wharton at Wharton medical clinic is big on not going to long without eating especially in the morning. You have to take thyroid medication ( I take Synthroid for under active thyroid) on an empty stomach and not eat for an hour.
image of pills

I think this is one reason why I have been all over the map.

Mt routine has always been ( pre medication) to get up and while making tea eat some yogurt and then have apple or other fruit with my morning tea. I then work for a couple of hours in the morning ( I do IT consulting very part time).

While laking the thyroid medication I am thrown off and end up drinking tea and forgetting to eat.. not to mention I am STARVING.
A girl friend of mine had a suggestion which Ii am trying and it seems to work okay but not perfect. She takes her thyroid medication as soon as she wakes up- it is on her bedside table so first time she get up to use washroom or get drink of water she reaches for he thyroid meds. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks and works so-so- mainly because I get up at such weird times.

Dr. Wharton was a pharmacist before he was a medical doctor so I will ask him about this and if maybe you can eat or can only wait half an hour.

Things We Do To Trick Ourselves Into Eating Foods We Shouldn’t


Sabotaging Our Weight Loss with Crazy Logic

I have several habits I have picked up the years. They make no sense intellectually but I do them anyway. They sabotage my journey to health and undermine my success fat and weight loss yet I do them anyway. Some of them are so ridiculous they are funny.

I wonder what others do to convince themselves to eat things they really should be avoiding? Do you do things that make no sense and have weird justification for it?

1. If no one sees me eat it- it doesn’t count.

Some how the calorie content of food MUST go way down if no one can see you it. Rather than take a piece of cake or brownie or whatever and eat it.. i will go in fridge and eat it behind the door… Or drive to a store and eat a box of peanut brittle in the parking lot. Go into kitchen at party and take cookie/square/food when non one is looking. I know it is not because I am afraid of what they think- it’s because on some level I think it doesn’t count.

2. if I eat it standing up- doesn’t count.

This sort of ties in with above. I I eat at kitchen counter- doesn’t count. Over a batter bowl- nope. Standing at the fridge with spoon of ice cream in my hand- calories magically disappear.

3. I am buying these cookies/brownies/nanaimo bars for the REST of the family.

They may never even see them in truth – or will have one each and the rest will some how disappear. I have even gone so far as to throw out food like this so I won’t eat it.

4. I am baking/cooking it for REST of the family. see above.

5. I will diet tomorrow.

“If I REALLY cut back tomorrow then I will still make my goal weight this weekend”. Healthy eating is a habit- not something you do sometimes. I got to be 300 lbs thinking I would do something ‘tomorrow” . Tomorrow never comes.

6. If I don’t weigh myself I am not fat.

Variation on the if I know what I weight I am will get depressed and eat more. The head in the sand approach. This is sort of like an alcoholic not admitting he is an alcoholic- because if he admitted it – he would have to stop drinking . If we don’t weigh ourselves we don’t have to stop eating and take control.

7. I am not THAT fat.

See above. I started thinking at 318 lbs I might be really fat when I went to my usual stores ( Cotton Ginny Plus) and Land’s End and their largest sizes didn’t fit me. I would have to try on 10 pairs of pant to get one that i could wear. Not look nice- but wear.The criteria for clothes became not if i liked it but if it fit. I would also compare msyelf to others. Somehow seeing a 400 llb woman made me feel better ” At least i am not THAT out of control” . At big functions I would look around and realize that of the 400+ people at the wedding i was the fattest person there. If some one else was bigger- i would be relieved. On some level it meant I belonged with the “other” people.

8. I Can Always Get Surgery.
Yes- if you are healthy enough for the surgery, if you can afford the surgery and the time . If you want to put yourself though that risk. Any surgery- and especially gastric bypass or lapband surgery has risks. There is long recovery time. It does not SOLVE the problem of your eating habits – those you still have to conquer.
I am not against surgery- for some people it is a need or they will die. If you are on the cusp of needing it and using that choice in the back of your mind it is a slippery slope. It is the same mentality of a drunk thinking he will just get a liver transplant if his liver fails.

It was actually this option that lead me to finally get help. I started researching surgery. I discovered I didn’t need it. But it was my last card to play. I would lay awake at night and think if thing get too bad than I will get surgery. When Dr. Wharton ( Dr. Sean Wharton of Canadian Bariatric Clinic) gives his lectures ( which are excellent- if you are able try and got to them- more info here). he talks about his ideas for weight loss- eating small meals, increased protein and fibre, etc really being the the same way you eat and how you would lose with weight loss surgery. This was a light bulb moment for me. I would have surgery to get the same effect as follow his diet advice. OR I could follow his dieting advice and get same effect without the surgery. I have teetered- a lot- but I am 40+ pounds less now than before I met him and making changes that will last forever.

9. My weight doesn’t affect my health- there is nothing wrong with me. ( need to add YET here)

I am lucky. I have excellent blood pressure. My blood sugar is fine. My mom – who has always been pretty thin- tales insulin for her diabetes. My dad who was a professional athlete and has always been in great shape and health now has diabetes. My sister was recently diagnoses with diabetes. I am a walking time bomb. I don’t have diabetes YET.
It like a smoker who keeps smoking because he doesn’t have lung cancer… yet.

I *think* my weight does not affect my health- here is evidence that suggests otherwise.

– a 38 I had to halt efforts to become pregnant because of a gall bladder problem and then had surgery to remove my gall bladder. Ever here the saying ” 40 Fair Female and Fat” Most people who have their gall bladder removes are fair skinned women near forty years old who are overweight. This could have been life threatening if a gall stone had gotten loose.

I have constant back problems. I suffer from terrible sciatica. I am in pain- alot.

10. I am fine with my weight.

No one is fine with their weight when they are fat. People who know me well will at some point comment at confident I am- what a great attitude I have- that they think its great that I have such a healthy self image. I am FAKING it. I kid myself and others.
I pretend that I am not fat and sometimes convince myself I am not.. however my self-loathing LOOMS about me like some suffocating specter. If I walked around showing how I really felt I would be a pathetic mess. If I “acted” fat my husband would not have sex with me. I don’t want my daughter t know how I really feel about my weight.
I don’t want my friends to know at night I think of how much I want to wear normal clothes and wear shoes with a heel.
I am not fine with my weight. I pretend I am so I can get through the day and not hate myself. I am figuring out how to love myself as I am- and accept on a deep level that I deserve to be healthy and fit and live.

Yeah!!! Finally Below the 285 lb. mark!

Wow- After several WEEKS of going up and down between 285 and 290 lbs I can now report that I am doing really well and I weighed in at 294 this morning. WOO HOO!

I am quite happy about it. I feel like I am back on track and it has not been that hard. I was really struggling through November December. I was down to 284 mid November and then within a few days was over 291 and scale just would not move. When I went to see Dr. Wharton at Canadian Bariatric Clinic late November I weighed in at 289. He was encouraging. Then Christmas put me into a tailspin. I didn’t binge but I sure wasn’t dieting! Bit scary how fast and out of control things can get.

So basically I have lost all the weight in the last week.

What Have I been Doing Differently to Lose The Weight?
– Drinking LOTS of water
–eating first thing in morning, I will eat 2 diet yoghurts ( 40 calories each) while I wait for my tea to be made. Later I will make a protein smoothie. I bought myself a Magic Bullet blender to make them in. Making them and clean up is a breeze.
– Protein Bars. I have been relying heavily on these. I buy Detour Bars at Costco as well as another Meal Replacement type ( which are very good) I will get name of them . Dr. Wharton was the one who suggested I get more protein.

Protein reduces cravings. I am supposed to have 90 grams of protein a day and it can be REALLY hard. I don’t eat much meat and trying to get enough protein has been a challenge.

– Keeping DANGER food out of the house. Not kidding myself by baking or buying foods I am tempted by and telling myself that they are “for the kids”

– Never letting myself get hungry. If I feel hungry it may be too late. I pace myself and snack often and eat apples, clementines and pears.

– Avoiding white sugar and white flour at all costs! These are trigger food for me. Foods with white flour usually next to know nutritive value. Sugar+ flour+ fat is a BAD combination for. If I stay away I am better off all around.

Increase Your Metabolism- Eat Eat Eat!

Eat something in the morning- anything. When yo go too long without eating your metabolism drops. After going 12 hours without eating your metabolism can drop by as much as 40%.
When you wake up make it a PRIORITY to eat something. A protein is best- hard boiled egg, yogurt, cheese, etc. A protein + carbohydrate is better. High fiber cereal mixed with yogurt, oatmeal + milk, etc. Cheese + apple , etc
Dont be afraid of protein or meal replacement bars. Just watch for calorie intake.

What’s Your Kryptonite? My Top 10 List Of Trigger Foods

There are certain foods that i cannot keep in the house. They will call to me from the refrigerator, cupboard or pantry. Its funny- but some foods I fixate on- and other that are similar I could care less about. For example- I tend to hate store bought cookies… like anything Mr. Christie, I could care less about Oreos, Fudgee-o’s whatever.. but home made chocolate ship anything sends me into tail spin. Muffins.. whatever- banana bread I could eat a whole loaf.
It is KEY to know your trigger food and not kids yourself that you will buy them “for the family” . I have baked many brownies and cookies for the family… yet the family never seems to get a chance to eat them.
below are foods that are DANGEOUS to me and could set me back.

1. Fudge. Real Fudge of any kind.
2. Carrot cake.
3. cheesecake
4. Pecan Pie
5. Homemade brownies.
6. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
7. Halvah ( a Middle eastern treat.. sesame oil, honey and nuts and incredible texture)
8. cinnamon buns
9. Baked loafs (banana bread, date and nut loaf, etc)
10. Poppycock ( a buttercrunch , popcorn almond, walnut mixture)

What are your trigger foods? think about them and be honest with yourself. Don;t make them. If you love chocolate chip cookies- make ginger cookies for the bake sale…

Surviving Halloween on a Diet- Tips To get Through Halloween and Lose Weight

Well- after the pecan pie incident of Thanksgiving I learned lesson. I did not go overboard or anything- I had small piece and within calorie range for the day. But I was reeling for about a week … fighting off cravings and urges to eat. I really have a problem with certain foods. I just don’t think I should eat them or try and incorporate into my diet- much like an alcoholic should not try and have occasional glass of wine with dinner.

So- Here are some ideas for getting through Halloween and mounds of candy that is everywhere:-)

– Do not buy candy to give out that YOU like. If it is a huge problem- then buy non-food items like stickers, toys, etc.
I personally don;t really eat chips/cheezies/doritos so I bought that to give out. Usually I would by Cadbury chocolate anything… and then pick at the bag(s) and left overs. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If its not there you can’t eat it.

– Halloween parties: Bring veggies and low fat dip. I went to one yesterday and was fine. Normally pot lick type thing like that will be HARD for me. I also made sure i ate- PLENTY before we left. Also carried some fruit and protein bar in my bag just in case.
Protein will curb hunger and cravings. Better to eat a nd 250 calories protein bar ( drink lots of water ) then pig out on brownies and chocolate.
– Have kids keep their stash out of site. Not in a big bowl on kitchen counter.

– Let your kids eat it til its gone- none of this 1 chocolate bar a day for 6 months. Dentist will also agree this is best method. Have it GONE and over with rather than laying around tempting you.
I also think letting them eat and not “restricting” foods removes emotion and guilt from eating and a good thing for the kids. Attributing any emotion to food is playing with fire.

Is it fair to have other suffer or have their lives affected by your dieting? It depends. My family would rather make small sacrifics to help me achieve goals rather than have me fail. I am not trying to fit into a bikini for Christmas Holiday- I just want to live past 50 years old.

Trial Sizes and Free Samples of Protein Powders

Many people- especially those who have had weight loss surgery use a protein powder as part if there diet. It almost ALL cases the powders come in giant tubs and have varying degrees of flavour :-)
Some companies will send you a free sample- or next to free sample- of their product to try before you buy- and get stuck with vat of protein powder you won’t use as well as the cash out of product.

My advice also is to send the company an email and explain your dilemma- that you are on a very restricted diet or you just had WLS and you would like too try a small amount before you stock up.

Here are some companies that have sent out samples or trial sizes of protein powders at little or no cost:

Jay Robb Protein and Protein Bars

UnJury Medical Quality Protein offers sample packs- Samples
Each sample is a single-serving sealed packet, with 20 grams of protein and cost $1.75 each.

Do you know of a company that offers samples of protein powders? Please let us know!

Pre-Packaged “100 Calorie” snack packs good or bad idea?

these are the newest thing to hit the snack market- 100 calories snack- Both Cadbury and Hershey offer 100 calorie bar/sticks of chocolate. Mr. Christie has oodles of pre-packaged snacks aimed at dieters- wafer thin cracker-like Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies or Reese’s Pieces cereal snack mix. I do like the portability of the snacks- they are great for keeping in the car for a craving or kids – HOWEVER maybe its me- but they can lure you into a false sense of security. 1 pack is so tiny that I will find myself eating another… and another. Suddenly I have eaten 3 of these things and consumed the same amount of calories as as full size chocolate candy bar .
The snacks tend to be heavy in sugar and simple carbohydrate – leaving you wanting more and more. I undertand their convenience of portion control- but don’t be fooled – or fool yourself into eating more than one of these. You are much better of with an apple or juicy peach- the higher fibre helps with hunger and cravings- you are getting much better bang for you buck when it comes to food “value”.

Eat Less and Consume Less Calories By Eating at Home.

It’s a fact- when women dine in a restaurant theat eat 288 calories MORE than if they ate a meal at home. According to this artcle by USA today- one of the best ways to stop yourself from over indulging is to avoid resautrant size portions.
Read the article here: Eat Less – Avoid Restaurants