Latest Weightloss Pic – Down to 235 lbs- ALMOST 100 lbs Lost!!!

after weight loss picture

Here is my latest weight loss pic- this was actually taken when I was about 245/250 so I am even smaller now.
Its been almost 18 months since my last post- alot has happened! Divorce has been the biggest change- and also the way I feel about myself.
I have found taking care of myself RIGHT now and not waiting til I am thin to buy new clothes or clothes that look good on me has been key.
I also get my hair done and try and wear make up every day.

New Weight Loss Pictures for January 2008

Been I while since I felt good enough to update my photos. I have only lost about 5 lbs since my last update in late November. I am just under 285 and thank make a 33 lbs weight loss since the beginning of September.
I am wearing same outfit and really though I could comfortably wear these jeans by now! I keep saying another 5 lbs and still they are not comfortable. I am really struggling for clothing- nothing fits… I have to roll waistband of my pants to get them to stay up.

My next appointment with Dr. Wharton at the Bariatric Clinic is late January so I hope to be under 280. I will be happy to see that number.

Glitch with camera so only side and back view for now..

weight loss picture side view january 2008 weight loss pic update

1 Month Weight loss Update and Weight loss Pics

As of of now- 1 month after I started my weight loss journey using Meridia weight loss drug and lower calories diet I have lost 12 lbs!
My current weight is 302 lbs. Yeah! I am quite pleased. I started at 314 4 weeks ago. I am following a low calories diet ( 1500-1800 calories a day) and trying to eat low glycemic foods- as well as more fiber and protein.
Here is my pic now:

Other pics:
meridia weightloss sept

meridia weightloss pics

Week 3- Feeling Great


Stats: 318 lbs
Height 5′ 7″

I joined a gym this week. I of course feel awkward going there- the gym is mostly University students working on their buff bodies and I am by far the largest person I have seen there. The staff are friendly and nice. I certainly dont feel overly uncomfortable there. I start off with 10 minutes on elliptical trainer and then about an hour with weight machines and situps. I will post my routine another time.