Increased dosage of Meridia Drug for Weight Loss

One of the strategies Dr. Wharton has taken is to increase my dosage of Meridia. I have been taken 10 mg a day since last September. My weight loss has totally plateaued and not only that- I gained 6 pounds in the last month ( which I chalk up to my thyroid issues.. but more about that later)
He didn’t seem discouraged about the weight gain. He think adding a protein snack before eating to boost metabolism will help and also re-testing my blood for TSH and T4 levels for my thyroid.
I was nervous about the higher does of meridia as I had HUGE sleeping issues for the first 2 months that I took it in the Fall.

I have also been going through HUGE stress( stressors?) and my eating has been very sloppy. Hopefully going to the clinic every 2 weeks will help.

One of my weight loss goals was to get insurance through my husband company this June- I need to be weigh 250 lbs to be eligible and I really thought I would. I mentioned this to Dr. Wharton and he said not to worry- it will be September instead.

So- started new meal plan- which adds a protein snack before eating a main meal. Needs to be about 75 calories and have protein. He recommended these bars but now I can’t remember their name. Was a small Canadian company that makes them.

I think I will make and post a list of snacks that have protein and are 75 calories later this week. I am aware that there are no recent pics- will take care of that , too.

Went Clothes Shopping Today- Down 2 Sizes!

I went to buy some clothes today- most of my clothes are fitting that well. I am guessing I am at the 30 lbs mark ( 30 lbs lost) but scale doesn’t work…
I am down to a svelte 22! Last time I went shopping for jeans I was really upset- I couldn’t fit into the largest sizes available ( I think 24/26 range) .. so today was great to try and clothes and feel good.
I ended up not buying anything.. I have a couple of pairs of jeans that should fit soon.
I am KICKING myself as week- I gave away some NEW with tags stuff about 4 months ago- convinced I would never fit into them and was depressing having them hanging in the closet.

I lost quite a bit of weight about 10 years ago- almost 100 lbs on Slimfast in about 8 months.. I just bought new pair of jeans about every 3 months and wore them to death. I think I will do pretty much the same.
Any ideas on what to do about clothing as you rapidly lose weight? I can’t buy new set every 3 months!

One of My Goals- To Wear Nice Lingerie

Yes- this is something i am looking forward to- not feeling like a bloated misshapen and contorted form of womanhood … I think I have a healthily image of myself by that seems to crumble when I try and think of myself as being “sexy” . I do have some nice clothes and lingerie but I just feel weird in them . I am really looking forward to being able to shop for and wear nice, Sexy Lingerie, that I don’t feel ridiculous in. I am not talking about being bikini ready- but under 200 lbs would be great.

Ten years ago only specialty shops would carry plus size lingerie- and most of that was more far-out fetish stuff… not just pretty and lacy like “average “ size woman wear. I noticed that now days pretty much all lingerie shops and online stores have a wide variety of lingerie for larger sizes.- most of it tasteful and complimentary.

You can get some nice, long flowing gowns that are sheer enough to feel feminine and pretty but not so revealing that you feel exposed and naked.
I like this gown set … and think it would look good on most women in black color. The white might also be pretty. I find red to be a bit over the tip for me :-) . I am looking for “rewards ‘ when I hit my goal weights- and this might be it…

Yay! Made My Halloween Goal to Lose 20 lbs by Halloween!

I have probably lost closer to 25 lbs- was at my goal last Monday :-)

The scales I have are wonky and can shift by 30 lbs depending on any kind of shift in weight.. so I almost picked up new scales at Costco yesterday.

I will put up some new pics this week as it is beginning the month.