May Hit a New Weight Loss Milestone This Weekend

I have been struggling with losing any with for the last 3m months and stuck at the mid 280-s since March. I don’t want to cop out but I pretty much entirely blame my thyroid problems. I started thyroid medication for Hypothyroidism in March and actually started feeling worse a few weeks later. I think my thyroid problem got worse and medication was enough. I was BEYOND sluggish and lethargic. I could not do anything. Getting supper ready a struggle. House was a mess and laundry piled up.
My medication was increased about 3 ago weeks and at the beginning of the week i started to notice feeling a bit better. Today I can’t believe the difference.
I have done more “work” around the house in 3 days than in last 3 months. I have done jobs I have been procrastinating for week, got a tn of yard work done and a bunch of little things I just didn’t have the energy for have been done.

I am shocked at just how much I have accomplished. I do find I get pretty tired by about 9 pm but before I never “woke” up.
I can also report my weight has dropped. I am not eating any differently i am just MOVING which I wasn’t doing before.
I weighed in at about 280.5 lbs this morning and I think for the first time in 8 years I will go below the 280 mark. This may seem like a ridiculous goal from some but for me it is a major accomplishment.
I would like to hit 250 by September and qualify for life insurance on my husband’s work policy. I am starting to feel like I may actually do it. At Christmas I thought I would hit the 250 mark this June and didn’t happen but I also discovered the Hypothyroidism and I think that was a huge set back for me when it was undiagnosed and not at right levels.

Wish Me luck! Will weigh in tomorrow.

Coming Clean- I Gained Weight

I am totally all over the place and in real danger of losing everything I worked for over the last few months.
I currently weigh about 285+ . I am afraid to get on the scales. I will weight myself today an post results. I haven’t made an appointment with Dr, Wharton because I keep meaning to go when I lose weight0 but I just don’t.

I know the medication for thyroid has really affected me- I have no energy for anything and even my house is a disaster- I just can;t get going. I have been taking Synthroid for hypothyroidism for about 2 months now and feel pretty crummy.
i have thought about going to my family doctor and seeing if she has any options.

Feeling pretty depressed. June is when we update our health coverage with my husbands medical plan and one of my goals was to qualify for life insurance. I need to weight 250 and at Christmas time that seemed like an achievable goal.

I will commit to two things today:
1. Weight Myself.
2. Call Dr. Wharton ( who has a new clinic)

Goals I Would Like to Achieve This Year- More Weight Loss, Bikinis and More!

I have all nearly lost over 40 lbs in 4 months. I would like to lose at least another 75 by the end of Summer, My weight loss has slowed down- they was an awful hiccup over November/December but I seem to have a handle on things again.

– I would to be be wearing a size 18 two months from now.
– I am 30lbs away from qualifying for “company” Life Insurance. This will be a major relief and one of the main reasons I began losing weight.
– This may sound nuts- but I would like to wear a two piece bathing suit, I have been look at 2-piece and bikinis online, at Seafolly swimsuits, they have some really really cute tankinis- like this turquoise blue tankini . We have a pool so so no chance I would go to public beach but it would be nice not to have giant bath suit and cover-up on all summer! On really hot days it will be nice to finally get to wear a two-piece- which I haven’t done since I was a teenager.
– Tone up- I would like to be fit. Not just sort of fit but really fit. About 6 years ago I was going to the gym every day and felt fantastic!

Do you have any goals or milestones you are looking forward to achieving?

This Weeks Weight Loss Goals

I will lost 3 pounds of fat.
I will drink tons of water.
I will not beat myself up for having a bad week.
I will remember to eat breakfast and not get trapped into being starving in the afternoon and eating whatever I want.
I will go to gym tomorrow and Monday- no matter what.

I will set myself up for success.

I will remember that I am doing this because I love my children and my husband and if I don’t get control of my overeating I will die and leave them without a mother.