Low Calorie, High Protein and High Fiber Snack – Kozy Shack Tapioca Pudding

Yes, Good ole Costco again… The has samples of their sugar free Tapioca pudding yesterday. The brand is Kozy Shack Sugar-Free Tapioca Pudding.
The generous serving size has 3 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 90 calories. It does however have 2 grams of fat. It is also sweetened with splenda. I have also seen in grocery stores but was good price- 5.79 for 12 at Costco.

The protein is about the same as a yogurt but you also get the fibre have also tried their other sugar free products , like Sugar Free Chocolate pudding– which I did not like at all.

I have not tried their sugar free rice pudding- but would like to. All of their sugar free products had similar nutritional breakdown.

Coupons for GNC Nutritional Centers

I have actually bought many times from GNC and I was a member- getting member discounts, at GNC. At Coupon Kathy’s you can find out about lots of deals- including regular postings of gnc coupons .

I was actually at GNC last week and bought something called “Body for Life” bar .. which I didn’t like that much. It was what I asked for though ;-) . I got both lemon poppy seed and brownie. The brownie was pretty much inedible- and tasted STRONGLY of dates. The lemon poppy was bit better- still had date taste to it but was not bad. Both were kind of gummy and hard to chew. I had hard time swallowing and had to eat in teeny tiny bites- which is good thing. I must have had 2 litres of water right afterwards, tho.
With diet I am on- basically low calorie with larger intake of fibre ( 30 grams) and high protein ( 90grams) I do find ti hard to meet those requirements. The staff at GNC have always been respectful and helpful to me- quite knowledgeable. I used to be intimidated because I am certainly not buff body-builder type and thought I might feel out of place- but this has never been the case. I general I have found GMC prices to be a bit higher than usual- but they do have HUGE selection and if you get membership prices are significantly better.

I rely heavily on meal replacement drink and bars and having access to large variety and taste becomes a big deal after a few months, so worth the trip to try new things. Staff are also good at recommending “best flavors” and have been honest about the taste of drink and bars. My personal favourite has been Green+ Protein taste and texture wise but it is pricey- will be able to use coupons :)

Really GOOD Low calorie snack for sweet lovers…

was at Costco this week- and my eye caught these cookies- they are almond meringues. Cookies is kind of wrong word- they are very crunchy meringue with almonds – the center is bit chewy/taffy like. They are UNBELIEVABLY good- and get this- 2 of them- decent sizes- are 60 calories! I have a real sweet tooth and if I were having a snack, 4 of these with tea might even be too much “sweet” for me. I will try and get the name- I put them in tupperware all ready and box recycled. I meant to save it so I could post nutritional label here. Was 5.99 for a box of about 25 of these cookies.

My Diet Plan- Diet that Doctor Suggested: 1500-1800 calories/day etc.

I realized i didn’t put up diet that doctor suggested. Initially my Family doctor said try a low glycemic diet and basically when I look at diet Dr. Wharton obesity specialist at Canadian Bariatric Clinic) recommends it is very similar.
He initially asked I go on 1500 calorie a day to lose 1lbs a week. Yes- he wants you to lose only 1lb. a week! I have been averaging about 3 , however. ( Note: on 3rd visit correction as made- there was an input error made and I should be on 1800 calories a day- 700 calorie deficit, and was never meant to on 1500 kcals)

I have been aiming for 1500-1800 calories a day. I should aim for 30g of fibre ( harder think you think), 90 grams protein and 200 grams carbohydrate.
He also feels it is IMPERATIVE to eat throughout the day and to not go long periods without food or your body will go into “starvation mode” and your metabolism will drop. The best thing you can do is to eat something when you wake up.
Snack between meal ( about 1/2-1 hour before meal) and to avoid fruit juices.

In order to meat the nutritional requirements it is VERY difficult to eat white flour and lots of sugar.

My daily diet is broken down like this
breakfast:250 calories
snack: 150
Lunch: 350
snack: 100
Dinner: 500
snack: 150

A HIGH fibre cereal is a MUST if you have any hope of getting in 30 grams a day! I have been having Fiber1 which has 12 grams. Also with 1% milk and decaf tea in the morning. I will usually have a clementine or apple as well.

snack: almost always fruit or yogurt or both depending on the calories in fruit. I also carry a nutritional bar in purse so if I am out and don;t have acces to food will eat that- and drink with water!

lunch: I sometimes forget to eat so i will have a meal replacement shake, pretty much always vanilla flavour with frozen strawberries. Will also have sliced chicken sandwich with fruit and glass of milk.

other snacks- lower fat popcorn ( good for fiber) , raw veggies and low fit dip- either homemade or store bought.

dinner- I can usually eat what family is eating. I have found trying to eat more vegetarian meals is good way to reduce calories and increase fiber. So chicken, veggies, whole wheat pasta with lean or turkey meatballs, I tend to make a lot of Indian food as well… not for everyone but you can easily replace chicken with lentils and or chick peas. We eat a lot of basmati rice as well.

Any other thoughts? Would love to hear them!


Starting to Feel Better.. and more Fiber please! Any Ideas?

The side effect of insomnia seems to be wearing off a bit- thank god! I have had a few good nights sleep this week, despite the stress. We have had some bizarre things going on in our family and we were all running around this week.

Today my husband commented that he could see that I was “slimming down” a bit.. he was quite sweet about it. He is very supportive of all the changes I have been making. I am sure it has hurt him over the years to see me try and fail over the years.

I am struggling with adding more fiber to my diet. I am trying to eat 6 times a day, stick to about 1500 calories, 90 gram of protein and 30 grams of fiber. The fiber part is challenging!!! Looks like adding more vegetables and fruits is the only way to go.
I do eat oatmeal in the mornings which I think has been key.

Snack also hard. A couple of times this week I have felt a bit of a craving for something sweet- but nothing major. I did discover at county fair last night that a GIANT bag of Cotton Candy only had 100 calories in it.. I didn’t have any but I was shocked that it was so little. I thought for some reason it would be like a 1000 calories or something…

So- looking for some ways to add fiber to my diet.. if you could please share in comments section that would be great!

Trial Sizes and Free Samples of Protein Powders

Many people- especially those who have had weight loss surgery use a protein powder as part if there diet. It almost ALL cases the powders come in giant tubs and have varying degrees of flavour :-)
Some companies will send you a free sample- or next to free sample- of their product to try before you buy- and get stuck with vat of protein powder you won’t use as well as the cash out of product.

My advice also is to send the company an email and explain your dilemma- that you are on a very restricted diet or you just had WLS and you would like too try a small amount before you stock up.

Here are some companies that have sent out samples or trial sizes of protein powders at little or no cost:

Jay Robb Protein and Protein Bars

UnJury Medical Quality Protein offers sample packs- Samples
Each sample is a single-serving sealed packet, with 20 grams of protein and cost $1.75 each.

Do you know of a company that offers samples of protein powders? Please let us know!

Pre-Packaged “100 Calorie” snack packs good or bad idea?

these are the newest thing to hit the snack market- 100 calories snack- Both Cadbury and Hershey offer 100 calorie bar/sticks of chocolate. Mr. Christie has oodles of pre-packaged snacks aimed at dieters- wafer thin cracker-like Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies or Reese’s Pieces cereal snack mix. I do like the portability of the snacks- they are great for keeping in the car for a craving or kids – HOWEVER maybe its me- but they can lure you into a false sense of security. 1 pack is so tiny that I will find myself eating another… and another. Suddenly I have eaten 3 of these things and consumed the same amount of calories as as full size chocolate candy bar .
The snacks tend to be heavy in sugar and simple carbohydrate – leaving you wanting more and more. I undertand their convenience of portion control- but don’t be fooled – or fool yourself into eating more than one of these. You are much better of with an apple or juicy peach- the higher fibre helps with hunger and cravings- you are getting much better bang for you buck when it comes to food “value”.