Importance of Drinking Water when you are obese

You really do need to drink more water when you are obese compared to “average” size person.
You have more water in your body and it needs to be replenished. Not only will your body work more efficiently it is good for digestion.
I have often found that I think I am hungry when really I am just thirsty. Would not be uncommon for me to chug 2 cups of cold milk to quench thirst when a glass of water would do the trick.
I am very careful about what I drink. I will only drink water and milk- occasionally juice with soda water.
NEVER diet drinks! I have foudn that Crystal lite, etc make me feel like crap. I also suspect that it may be f’ing up my insulin levels- and my body thinks I am ingesting sugar.
I have no proof- just a hunch- what do you think?
I try and drink AT least 8 glasses of water a day. You can in fact drink too much water so be careful.

Protein Rich Snacks That Are Low Calories

One thing I have been doing is eating a small snack about 15-20 minutes before I eat a meal or if I have gone long stretches without eating. Eating a snack like that gives metabolism a boost and you are not dumping 500 calories of food into your system when your metabolism in not burning at 100%.
protein snacks

High Protein Low calorie Snacks

My goto snack that is lower in calories ( under 100 calories) and has protein is yogurt. Most of the no sugar added one have about 35 calories in them so I will have 1 or two of these. I do prefer yogurt make with Splenda and I avoid aspartame

List of Protein Snack sunder 100 Calories

low calorie yogurt
hard boiled egg
1/2 Detour protein bar
low fat cottage cheese
Rice pudding or Tapioca pudding ( Kozy Shack makes a good no sugar added)
Slicked turkey or chicken
roasted soy nuts
beef jerky
2 or 3 meringue cookies

Any other ideas?? Please let me know so I can add.

Increased dosage of Meridia Drug for Weight Loss

One of the strategies Dr. Wharton has taken is to increase my dosage of Meridia. I have been taken 10 mg a day since last September. My weight loss has totally plateaued and not only that- I gained 6 pounds in the last month ( which I chalk up to my thyroid issues.. but more about that later)
He didn’t seem discouraged about the weight gain. He think adding a protein snack before eating to boost metabolism will help and also re-testing my blood for TSH and T4 levels for my thyroid.
I was nervous about the higher does of meridia as I had HUGE sleeping issues for the first 2 months that I took it in the Fall.

I have also been going through HUGE stress( stressors?) and my eating has been very sloppy. Hopefully going to the clinic every 2 weeks will help.

One of my weight loss goals was to get insurance through my husband company this June- I need to be weigh 250 lbs to be eligible and I really thought I would. I mentioned this to Dr. Wharton and he said not to worry- it will be September instead.

So- started new meal plan- which adds a protein snack before eating a main meal. Needs to be about 75 calories and have protein. He recommended these bars but now I can’t remember their name. Was a small Canadian company that makes them.

I think I will make and post a list of snacks that have protein and are 75 calories later this week. I am aware that there are no recent pics- will take care of that , too.

Delicious Meringue Cookies- Almost No Fat and 30 Calories per Cookie!

I wrote about the delicious meringue cookies I was buying at Costco a couple of months ago- Costco stopped carrying them so I have been on a hunt to duplicate them. I came up with my own recipe and they are as good if not better. These are oneof the best meringue cookies I have ever tried- whole family raved about them. They work out to be about 30 calories a cookie.
The fat comes from nuts so feel free to omit. The are light and crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. Perfect!

Best Almond Meringue Cookie Recipes

Makes 24 nice sized cookies approx 30 calories each.

Preheat oven to 275F.
4 egg whites
pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 packet vanilla powder or vanilla bean
1 1/3 cup of white sugar
1/4 finely chopped/crushed almonds ( can also use any nut / pistachios)

Beat egg whites. salt and cream of tartar to soft peak than add vanilla powder/bean and gradually add sugar until stiff peak. Fold in nuts.

Drop onto parchment lined cookie sheets.
Bake for 35 mins.
Store in air tight container.

Encouraging Your Child To Become Bulimic? WTF????

Wow. this call really got me thinking. Last week I was in husbands car and he had Howard Stern show on. A woman called in to discuss her problem. Child protective services had warned her that they might take her daughter away from her. Her 15 year old daughter weighed 285 lbs (about the same as me now) . For fear of her daughter being taken away- and then her other kids- she was encouraging her daughter to purge after a binge!!!! OMG. If you are unaware of risks and stupidity f this- terry Schiavo was doing this and this is what made her go into a coma! Other risks besides death are your teeth rotting from enamel, burns and danger to esophagus, etc

The people on Howard Stern came down on the woman pretty hard- who seemed to think she would get sympathy and praise (!)
She said she had tried everything.. Her daughter would eat whole dinners for the family, etc.
I have been thinking about this all week- it really disturbed me. My husband and I have talked about what we do if we noticed our kids leaning toward obesity. But hterory is different then reality.
One thing with my dieting is I am just not keeping temptation food in the house. We can all survive without puddings, cakes, cookies and ice creams. If I do have treat here in cupboards they are ones I don’t care about. My kids can always buy chocolate bar or whatever with their allowance if they feel the need.
My kids are all very healthy and athletic and I have done all I can not to pass on my issues to them. Forbidding foods is not something I do- but I am fine with just buying them. About the only food I don’t “allow” them to have is anything with aspartame or caffeine. I also tend to not buy juice that much.

I have a quite over weight girlfriend and her son is very heavy- probably by about 50 lbs. She stocks her cupboard with Kraft Dinner and lunch is usually hot dogs or pizza pockets. We just don’t have those foods in the house. Even before dieting My issues would be with sneaking foods.
I actually place no limits on my kids eating- I also don’t have crap in the house. There is likely to be an argument for that last orange as the last bowl of ice cream.
If my daughter wanted to buy 10 chocolate bars with her allowance- its not something I would forbid. Who knows- if my parent had thrown giant quantities of chocolate at me maybe i would have turned my head away.
Over eating isn’t always about food. it can be about self-esteem, feeling good, being angry and especially control. Fat parents do have fat kids- they are usually eating the same things. MacDonald’s, Fried chicken, deep fried food, donuts, pizza, etc. All foods high in white flour and fats.
Getting rid of these foods is half the battle.

Exercise has to be fun if it is to become a habit and a life long one. All kids have a passion for something- hockey, dance, gymnastics, etc If your child doesn’t like it- find something else. Forcing your kids to do exercise they don’t want to do becomes a control and power play. Sometimes doing something with them is a big part of it. Making a special time for you an done of your kids to go for walk or hike may be more than just exercise :-)

Making a Perfect Protein Shake

I have been having serious issues getting enough protein on my diet. The recommended intake is 90 grams a day. This is HARD enough but I am also not a big meat eater. No red meat at all and very little chicken and fish. Dairy is fat laden and a bad option for the most part. I have been relying on protein shakes and meal replacement bars.

My morning ritual has been to make a smoothie. I used to find is a DRAG to make with blender- huge mess and takes up too much counter space. Hand blender can’t do ice or frozen fruit very well. I broke down and bough a Magic Bullet blender. I am THRILLED with it. I I LOVE this thing! I can make smoothie/protein shake in the same container in blends in.

I have been buying protein power at Costco. Soy protein is not where near as good as Whey protein. The soy is very grainy and chalky and you can really “taste” it.
I would get Vanilla. They come in huge containers and you are pretty stuck if you don’t like it. Any vanilla Whey protein powder is a pretty good bet. I did try Proteins+ brand one and it was delicious- but its about 4 times as expensive as anything else.
I would be curious to hear what other brands people like.

So protein shake is scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, the a add 2 frozen strawberries and about 1/3-1/2 a banana. The banana make a huge difference in the taste and texture of the shake.
you could also use older bananas and throw int the freezer and use for smoothies and protein shakes later.

Using the Magic Bullet (or similar) give you great shake pretty much every time- if you can find one at yard sale, ebay or wherever I would pick one up- worth it. Each shale has 25+ grams of protein ( depending on powder you use).

Magic Bullet Deluxe 22 Piece Set

Increase Your Metabolism- Eat Eat Eat!

Eat something in the morning- anything. When yo go too long without eating your metabolism drops. After going 12 hours without eating your metabolism can drop by as much as 40%.
When you wake up make it a PRIORITY to eat something. A protein is best- hard boiled egg, yogurt, cheese, etc. A protein + carbohydrate is better. High fiber cereal mixed with yogurt, oatmeal + milk, etc. Cheese + apple , etc
Dont be afraid of protein or meal replacement bars. Just watch for calorie intake.

Some Sweet Holiday Treats for Dieter- Low-Cal Treats and Desserts

VitaSoy Peppermint Chocolate Soy Milk– this taste pretty good! You can have warm or cold.

Sugar-Free Gingerbread Syrup from Starbucks. Add this to warm or hot milk. DELICIOUS !

Baked Apple- put peeled (or not) . cored apple in small microwavable bowl, put in about tsp of water. Use sweetener if you must- tsp of brown sugar, syrup, splenda, etc, zap for 2 mins. I serve with 1/2 frozen vanilla yogurt. To increase fiber you can also sprink on some granola.

Angel Food Cake

I In know there are others- i will add them as i thnk of them.. If you have some to add- please do!

Recommendations for Meal Replacement Bars/Protein Bar – Detour Bar

I saw Dr. Sean Wharton this week at the Canadian Bariatric Center – one of the things we discussed was food cravings/feeling full and getting enough protein. I am pretty much vegetarian except for the odd bit of chicken and find it hard to get enough protein.
I have been eating ALOT of protein and meal replacement bars- the one I like are from Wal-Mart, the Equate Chocolate Peanut caramel bar and Pria bar. They are about 250 calories in one bar. Dr. Wharton told me his patients like the Detour bar- and he liked it because it had less sugar and about half the carbs as other bars- and they were good price. He also gave me a sample of Boost “diabetic” meal replacement drink to try .. which I really didn’t like.

Tips for Making Low-Fat Latkes or “Diet Potato Pancakes for Hanukkah

At a friends house this week we ha these- oh my god are they good! I am making them tonight in honour of Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights. Normally you would make food loaded with fat- donuts, latkes, etc.

How I have made them in the past is BAKED them in the oven. Yes- you heard right. Take your usual latke recipe ( and try using 2 egg whites instead of 1 egg for even less fat) and putting a bit of oil on a cookie sheet.. heat a little, than spoon on latke/potato pancake batter. Do NOT make them too big! ( Maximum 3″ in diameter). Cook for about 7 mins or so a side- keep an eye on these so they don’t burn.

Serve with low fat our cream or applesauce or both.