Virtual Weight Loss Before and After Pictures- How Will I Look After I Lose Weight?

Craete Your Own Before and After Weightloss Pics with Virtual Model

Create Before and After Pictures of yourself .

What Will I look Like at My Goal Weight?

You can use a Virtual model to see how you look now- and how you will look at your goal weight. Several online shopping sites have these they will be called “virtual model” or “my virtual model” or something like that. Land End has one- but the highest weight it will take is 250 lbs. I guess they think no one will buy their clothes if they see what they “really” look like.

The one I like best is the My Virtual Model, it is easy to use and VERY customizable. After you finish it- just use print screen and copy in an image editing software to edit/crop save or use a screen capture software of some sort.
Note: Prevention magazine also has a “weight loss simulator” here , which to me looks like exactly the program as the clothing sites are using.

Here is my model at 318 lbs:
315 before pic

How I will look at goal weight of 225:
after weight loss pic

Here is what I am supposed to look like now at 280:
280 weight loss pic

is not a bad likeness. I will get new pics up in next couple of days.

Good Price for Salter Nutri-Weigh Scales at Costo 95.00

One of the first things that Dr. Wharton and staff (Canadian Bariatric Clinic) STRONGLY suggests is to buy a scale – specifically the Salter Nutrition Kitchen Nutriweigh scale. He even sells them at his office. They sell them for 125.00. Yes it is a lot for a food scale. This scale will also tell you the exact nutritional values of the food you are weighing tho. If you plunk down a piece of fish it will weigh it and tel you how many calories/protein.fat, etc. are in THAT piece of fish. Pretty neat,eh? The scale looks a bit like a smaller laptop and it quite thin and portable. I keep meaning to get one. I have been pretty sloppy about recording in my food journal lately.

This is what scale looks like:
Salter Nutrition Kitchen Scale - Nutri-weight

Tried Diet Software, Calorie King Nutrional and Exercise Software

I tried this out last week,Calorie King Software. They have a free download so you can try for 7 days. Was that hard to set up- You can input how many calories a day you are aiming for – and one nice feature- how many grams of protein, fiber, fat , etc . The daily counter lets you drag and drop ZILLIONS of food items.. everything you could possible think of- including fast food and other restaurants. You can also create you own list of commonly eaten food so you don;t have to wade through all the items. I think once you set up completely would be easy to use.

I do prefer just using pen and paper with simple spreadsheet- If people ask I can post on the site. I use labels and info a good food counter book that I bought 10 years ago. I don’t eat in restaurants much so suits me fine. I am sure a medium apple has same amount of calories now as it did in 1997!

thinking woman

My – Online Support for those Taking Meridia

I go this insert in my Meridia prescription box. It is promoting the support website for those taking Meridia, .
You need the DIN number of the drug to login and register. The site offers diet info, If you have lost it ,
the Meridia DIN is 02243163. The site is set up for those who have been prescribed Meridia and is looks like it is useful dieting tool.
Would be curious to here what others think… though I am not sure I want a drug company monitoring my behavior, etc.

There is a meal planner which helps you plan meals based on the caloric intake you suggest, and TO ME its is a bit cumbersome. I have been using a good ole pen and paper reading labels and books I do have have software that should make it easy- from Calorie King and they do have a free download to try for 7 days. Again, Maybe I am old fashion but writing it down seems easier and you get more familiar with prices. The software is easy to use- you can customize stuff… think I will write separate post about it.