Coming Clean- I Gained Weight

I am totally all over the place and in real danger of losing everything I worked for over the last few months.
I currently weigh about 285+ . I am afraid to get on the scales. I will weight myself today an post results. I haven’t made an appointment with Dr, Wharton because I keep meaning to go when I lose weight0 but I just don’t.

I know the medication for thyroid has really affected me- I have no energy for anything and even my house is a disaster- I just can;t get going. I have been taking Synthroid for hypothyroidism for about 2 months now and feel pretty crummy.
i have thought about going to my family doctor and seeing if she has any options.

Feeling pretty depressed. June is when we update our health coverage with my husbands medical plan and one of my goals was to qualify for life insurance. I need to weight 250 and at Christmas time that seemed like an achievable goal.

I will commit to two things today:
1. Weight Myself.
2. Call Dr. Wharton ( who has a new clinic)

Crappy Week Weight Wise

I was feeling really great after my last visit with Dr. Wharton- I was down 5 VERY hard won pounds and at 280. I thought I would see a 279 or lower any day. Two days later on the scale I saw the dreaded 289 number!!! I was shocked- I have been doing EVERYTHING right-breakfast, journaling, etc. Was quite a blow. How I could go up 7 lbs in two days is mystery and after reading websites I feel like I should blame the thyroid medication. I just don’t know what it is.

This morning I was back to 282. With such little progress it is hard to keep going. I am sorry if I sound like a broken record! When things go badly I end up avoiding any posts- feel like I have nothing to offer but negativity – however maybe writing down how I feel and IF and WHEN there is progress I can look back and be glad I didn’t give up.

I may also update the web site this week among other things.

Oh- And I lost 5 lbs since last Visit…

So will write about that as well. The last week I made a BIG push and really watched what i hate and forced myself to go for a couple of walks.
I was on a real roll making and eating those meringue cookies every day… so stopped that. Was conscious of eating in am and cut out rice. So instead of fish /rice/salad for dinner I have just been having more salad or throwing in some roasted soy beans and sunflower seeds, cranberries etc to make more interesting. Also watching how much milk I drink- I can tend to drink too much.

So- I MAY see a 270-ish number be this weekend. Will be a big milestone for me. I have some challenging situations coming up- a family dinner on the weekend and a potluck Friday. I have done pretty well at potlucks since i stared dieting and hope to continue the trend.

Six weeks of up and down.. no weight loss!!!!!

yes its true. I have not lost a single pound in 6 weeks. i weight the same as I did at the beginning of March. I have an appointment with Dr. Wharton in two weeks and I am freaking out. I know he will be fine but I just don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am not over eating. i am not binging. I know at Easter I went up to 288 (!) and know I am back to 282 but I really thoguth I would be in the 270’s by now. My only hope is i can where shorts to my next visit and that will seem like I lost weight.

I don;t think I have lost focus. I hate to keep whining about it but I have felt like a lump since taking the Synthroid and just CANNOT move. This is the only thing I can think of. I will have to force myself to have some sort of activity.

I am starting to feel a bit of anxiety creep in.

Could I be Under Medicated with Synthroid? I feel worse than before..

I started taking Synthroid about a month ago. I had some symptoms of hypothyroidism but none that couldn’t be explained by just being a busy parent, etc.
I swear i feel a hundred times worse since taking medication that is supposed to make me feel better. My numbers wer not high in my blood test results int he 9/10 range for TSH ( norm is .5-5.5) . Since taking Synthroid I wake up with a headache and between4-6pm I feel like a truck hit me. LCotton headed and connot move. I thought I would have more energy but I have MUCH less.

For a while I had awful mood swings but those are gone- thank-god. I wonder if I am getting enough medication/ Why would I feel WORSE???
At any rate I am miserable.

Is Synthroid Making Me A Crazy Person?

Started medication for sub-clinical hypothyroidism last week and taking .75 mcg of Synthroid. I am nutcase. Had insane crying jag this week. Also am cold- worse then before.

I have done some reading and people seem to recommend Armour ( natural ) thyroid medication- but hard to tell if reviews are by real people or drug reps. Not sure why I am squeamish about taking dessicated pig glands. Will talk to Dr. Wharton about next time I see him- he was a pharmacist before he became a doctor so maybe that makes him more knowledgeable than most about the chemistry.
Saw some alarming side effect s with the Synthroid and wish I had never read because of course now I have every single one :-)
I do notice increased hunger and my hand and feet do seem colder- however it IS cold out .

If some one knows about it- please let me know.
I have been taking about 10 days now. Not sure if I feel better or not. I seem to be able to focus more easily than before and have more energy.

Dumb The Biggest Loser Strategy- Possible Spoiler

**** Spoiler Below*****

I can’t believe I am posting about this. I have never watched this show til now. I find it oddly inspiring. I know they weight loss is totally unrealistic and I get so mad when contestants beat themselves up when they “only” lose 5 lbs. Drives me nuts. As the show goes on I like it a LITTLE better and get attached to the people on the show and happy that they are finally losing weight. I hope they get help with maintenance!!!

I have to constantly changing who I am routing for as they keep getting booted off. I have always liked Dan an Brittany and Kelli grew on me- she is becoming less of a “victim: I LOATHE the two brothers Mark and Jay. Big blubberfest with those two. Mark is the worst and Jay is a bit of a dumb lug.
I just about cried when he was freaking out about what his kids were eating- major control issues there!
For the life of me cannot see WHY no one votes those two off! How can they be so dumb? Does Roger think that Mark will stick by him as numbers get low??? Or maybe he thinks he will always stay above the yellow line.

Getting rid of Dan made no sense to me, Get rid of Mark!!!! Toss out that team.

I am down to hoping Kelli wins. Alli is looking good but she rubs me the wrong way.
Used to have a quasi-crush on Bob even though he is gay but turned off by his competitive streak and shutting out all the girls and Bernie who I loved.

Argh- Does Back To Diet Basics Mean Large Quantities of Cadbury Mini Eggs!

Damn You Cadbury! ( And Lindor and Laura Secord… ) argh. I was doing so well today until I went to go out the door and grab a protein bar for when I would get hungry later. and discovered my husband had eaten the last 5 !!!!!

In a hurry took off and in a stupid hungry moment bought some discounted Easter chocolate “for the kids” . notice how even now I am blaming DH for eating my last protein bar. I am pretty annoyed but I could have done something to improve my chances of success.

I am in bit of a funk right now. I almost through it all in garbage but that depressed me even more- that i am so out of control. I managed to pull myself together… but feel crummy. I had a BAD weekend food wise. Gained 2 lbs.

I did go to yoga class last night and felt better. Think I have constant headache from medication the Synthroid. All the sugar and crappy food from last couple of days has made me feel really bad. Really. Bad. Physically sick and morally demoralized.
Why do I do this to myself?

Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) Today

I had some blood test done in the New Year that showed some off numbers.. redid the test and there were on the high side of normal so Dr. Wharton re-did the test last week and sure enough high again. They are not crazy high so I actually have sub-clinical Hypothyroidism. This means my TSH levels are hight but my T4 level are in normal ranges.
From my reading some doctors may or may not treat- but because of my weight issues and fatigue we are going to try treating it and see what happens.

Also from what I read- the numbers are not important as how you feel. So higher number may not mean “worse” if asymptomatic.

So now I am taking 75 mg of Synthroid (Levothyroxine) each day. Apparently I will not feel effects right away- may tkle a few days or weeks. being retested again in 3 weeks.

Looking at the list of symptoms they are pretty vague:

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

* Increased sensitivity to cold
* Constipation
* Pale, dry skin
* A puffy face
* Hoarse voice
* An elevated blood cholesterol level
* Unexplained weight gain
* Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
* Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints
* Muscle weakness
* Heavier than normal menstrual periods
* Depression

Of the above Hypothyroidism symptoms, you could say I- and anyone else- have had these symptoms at one time or another. I am alwys cold. I even bought a hot tub so I could deal with it. I also have a heated mattress pad. But- I also live in cold climate so that could be it too :-).
I am not pale or puffy faced. I do not have a hoarse voice ( that I know of…). My cholesterol is fine. My muscles are always sore.. but I am also obese. I do suffer from terrible RLS ( restless leg syndrome) and get leg cramps often so maybe ?
No swelling that I know of. No muscle weakness. Depression- yes- but that is always been an issue for me.
Heavier than normal menstrual periods- well- I was mentioning yesterday to my husband that in the last year my periods have been awful But again- maybe my age… who knows.

More info on Hypothyroidism

Latest Weight Loss Trend- Colon Cleansing

Eek.. I know.. a gross subject. Last year I was TOTALLY freaked out a a family gathering where my brother and step-mother started taking about this. My brother does a colon cleansing religiously every 3 months or so and my step mother announced she has had a colonic done. Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern often talks about her colon cleanses- she has recently lost over 55 pounds. It is supposed to rid your intestine of toxins and other crap that is stopping you from ridding body of waste properly. I am normally pretty fearless but just don’t think I could walk into my local health store and start asking about colon cleansing kits, Thank god for the Internet and online ordering! I would like to think that when I try it I will report back- but I just don’t think i could bring myself to share.

Has any one else tried it?? Did it work ? ( please- not too graphic!) Did you notice immediate results? Please post in the comments section!