Summer 2013 Update

Well… has been a while since I have been able to post. I think I have been embarrassed because I am LITERALLY the same weight i was almost 18 months ago- stuck around 260. I went down to my lowest of 235 and then started to creep and creep back up over the year and just cant shake it.
I think I am almost hitting menopause but not using as an excuse…
At pone pint couple of weeks ago I hit a horrible 270 weighing myself on the weekend and was devastated.

So I am going back to basics and REALLY REALLY REALLY trying to cut out certain foods from my diet. I always trick myself into thinking I can have “just a little bit” and then wonder why a month later I am shoving chips and candy down my throat.

My trigger foods are:

MILK I don’t know why.. I love milk and can easily drink a litre a day or more. When I cut this out things seem easier long term.

Cookies cakes pies and squares- ANYTHING sweet and crispy or gooey.. I’m in. There is no limiting or restricting here. It is all or nothing.

Ice Cream. This is a tough one. It is 95+ degrees here and hard to NOT have but I am trying very hard.

I am going to post every day this week and be accountable.
This afternoon I weighed in at 265 and I think I can be down to 260 by the weekend. Short term if I could be under 260 by Monday I will be THRILLED.

Here is how I plan to do it…
1) Guzzle water and more water.
20 No milk as a beverage ( I will have in my tea tho)
When I was at Wharton Clinic he suggested only or drink milk or water and no JUICE. I am going to slash out the milk as it is trigger for me.

2) More veggies.
I eat a fair amount of fruit but I am going to add more fiber type veggies like broccoli and cauliflower.

3) Avoid trigger foods.

4) Increase my MOVEMENT. Always room for improvement here. I am at my desk for what seems like 18 hours a day so going to have to work this in.
Will set up Wii fit tomorrow.

These seem like sensible realistic goals. I did it once…. can do it again!!!!!!!
Realistically if I look at overall picture I lost almost 100 lbs. Then gained about 25 of it back over the last 2 years. This isn’t a DISASTER… Setback at best.
Those of you who have lost and gained can relate I am sure.

Having a Good week- Wii Fit Says I’ve Lost 4 lbs

I have been REALLY trying not to eat sugar. I find eating sugar leads to eating MORE sugar. Actually its not so much sugar that is the issue but sugar and fat.
I have no problem with fruit or jam on toast , etc Its cookies, cakes, pies, chocolate , FUDGE , etc.
I will admit to whipping batch of fudge in moment of madness on Sunday- I had a couple of bits and then threw it out. Pretty sad , eh? Not as sad as eating whole thing.

I have hear other binge eaters or over eaters talk about same problem I have. If there is something in the house I am fixated on- I either have to eat it to “get rid” of it so I won’t eat it ( explain this logic!!! ) OR I just have to throw out. I haven’t had this in a while but have felt those thoughts creep in last few months. I really though I had whipped this problem and issue with over eating and binging.

I have been pretty good about not bringing in problem foods into the house and paying off. The most effective way for me bot to eat them is to now kid myslef into eating problem foods n the first place.
I am a master of tricking myself sometimes.

This is one of the dumbest things I do. I find myself making cookies or treats “for the family” HA! The consume most on my own. I haven’t done this in so long until recently . I was thinking about what a failure I am- but really the failure would be in not recognizing the problem is back .. ignoring it and being out of control again.

I would love to be under 250 by the weekend. I have hovered around that goal since October.
lose 4 lbs gain 6. Lose 4 lbs gain 5. And so on.

Weight is Creeping back up! I hit 260 lbs last night!!!!

Wow. What a horrible example I am being. I really really thought I had my weight problem licked. I weight the most I have weighed in 2 years. I went down to about 235 lbs year and a half ago… weight keeps creeping up and I have been about 255 for 6 months. I CANNOT get this weight off and more seems to be piling on.
Here are some things that I think are the issue:
1. Sugar has become a part of my diet again.
For me, when I eat sugar I want more sugar. Today I was doing really well. Had a Subway sub at mall with my daughter- 12 inch veggie sub with honey mustard dressing and a soda water. Felt very satisfied and tasted pretty good.
We “wandered” into Laura Secord’s ( chocolate store) I am not even a huge chocolate fan so not sure how we ended up there- I think I wanted to show my daughter the chocolate Easter eggs my mom used to buy us.
Then… bought 3 small sample size chocolates… Ate one of them and within seconds I was eying $2.00 bar of Frosted Mint bar. I picked it up and took to cash- then using SOME willpower.. put it back. That was 4 hours ago and only about an hour ago did cravings for sugar/fat go away.
I forget that sugar/fat is not a friend to me- I just cant pout in my body. Small moderate portions don’t seem to work- right now anyway. Fir a while I had no problem managing myh sweet tooth but I have really slid.

2. I have started drinking milk and juice.
About 2 years ago I stopped drinking mil as a beverage. I LOVE milk. I was drinking 4-6 glasses day of 1% milk. Likely 800 calories a day just in milk. So…. I stopped drinking it as a beverage- I used in tea and cooking but not as a “drink” I lost 20 lbs in 2 months.
I am not a big juice drinking but last few months I have found myself drinking orange juice- and not a small 5 oz Juice size glass- a big tumbler.
I am going to really work at drinking just water or soda water. I have string feeling about diet drinks- I think splenda/aspartame makes me feels sick and crave still more sweets/sugar. I don’t drink pop or diet pop at all.

I have some other insights in my backsliding ways- but for this week I am going to really really make effort-to stay away form processed sugar and eliminate milk as beverage from my diet.
This morning I weighed in at 257 lbs. I cannot believe that number. Oh well- I have done it before and I can do it again!!!
NOTE: In my after pic I am 255. So I still look like my pic … but was looking and feeling great at 235!!!
Shooting for 253-255 lb. range by Saturday morning. Will keep you posted!!!!!!

Lost 85 pounds and now struggling to keep it off!! Bad Habits Creeping in…

Been having problems keeping weight off last couple of months. I have been bouncing around and got as low as 232. This morning I was 253 pounds! Seemed like for 2 or 3 years I had no problems controlling my appetite and weight just dropped off.
I have been struggling all year to keep weight to take off and trying not to put on even more pounds.
One big problem- I have a boyfriend you LOVES to bake. The more exotic the better. I/m talking chocolate souffle with exploding caramel centre type stuff. my self control has been pretty good HOWEVER I do find that once I start eating sugar and fats I crave more.
I started about 3 years ago not allowing processed back goods in the house- like poptarts, granola bars, cookies, cakes.. anything. I will bake them or let kids bake anything they want.
My theory is that 1) I can control the ingredients and 2) more important it takes no effort to gran a bag of Presidents Choice chocolate chip cookies and even less effort to eat them.
If I bake myself at least I have to get in car, buy ingredient, prepare. Mostly I have been baking home made muffins, date squares and quasi healthy things.
Enter the baking boyfriend…. who means well. I don’t think he is “sabotaging” me or trying to make me fat. ( and btw boyfriend is HOT ! )
I have really noticed that the more I “allow” myself to eat the more I crave. So Sunday dinner pecan pie turns into Tuesday butter tarts, etc.
The other thing that has been happen that I think is DEADLY to my weight loss efforts is late night eating and snacking.
It has become normal to eat big bowl of cereal at 1 am. The maybe some ice cream. Yikes.
Haagan Dazs has became a staple in the freezer and so easy to consume a tub. 9 Pralines and Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate- which I think are the highest calorie!! )
I am not a believer of replacing high calorie sweets and treats with lower calorie version. I honestly think that eating processed sugars make you want more and more. As hard as it sounds may have to go cold turkey and just not have the treat for a while. OR limit it to Sunday dinner or weekends. ( See how none became well maybe on Sunday then weekends?? Slippery slope…)
So I am recommitting myself to get back on the weightloss and fitness train and trying to pull it together.
This week my goals will be to NOT have huge snack late at night.
I will accomplish this by eating a decent dinner. I find that if I skimp on dinner setting myself up for disaster later. Can fool myself into thinking I didn’t eat that much during day so okay to eat bag of sour cream and onion chips. And why do I even have in the house? What is wrong with me???

Wow- Has it really Been a Whole Year Since I Posted?

I cant help but laugh at last post- because it is just over a year and I am THRILLED to be at same weight! Last month I has ballooned up to 297 lbs! I kid you not. I was at 272 lbs in March and put on 25 lbs in six weeks. I had an IUD put in, the Mirena and immediately put on the weight.

It has been a terrible year. My marriage has been up and down and I am in process of a right now ugly split from my husband. Very shaky ground the good news is when we split the weight literally falls off.
I was in car accident and that has left me plagued with heartaches and all kinds other problems. I am also taking a new preventive headache medication- Topamax, which helps prevent migraines and that can also work as weight loss drug.
I have not taken the Meridia for a long time and happy to be off of it.

I have totally fallen off the wagon when it comes to Dr Wharton and feel badly. I have been overwhelmed with the process of my divorce and I am in rehab, therapy and constant appts for me head injury from car accident . last month was diagnosed with a mild brain injury. What an effing year!
If I could just focus on the weight loss it would be great but the brain injury and divorce, etc have taken up all my energy and I am spread so thin. My poor kids picking up the tab on this one I am afraid.

May Hit a New Weight Loss Milestone This Weekend

I have been struggling with losing any with for the last 3m months and stuck at the mid 280-s since March. I don’t want to cop out but I pretty much entirely blame my thyroid problems. I started thyroid medication for Hypothyroidism in March and actually started feeling worse a few weeks later. I think my thyroid problem got worse and medication was enough. I was BEYOND sluggish and lethargic. I could not do anything. Getting supper ready a struggle. House was a mess and laundry piled up.
My medication was increased about 3 ago weeks and at the beginning of the week i started to notice feeling a bit better. Today I can’t believe the difference.
I have done more “work” around the house in 3 days than in last 3 months. I have done jobs I have been procrastinating for week, got a tn of yard work done and a bunch of little things I just didn’t have the energy for have been done.

I am shocked at just how much I have accomplished. I do find I get pretty tired by about 9 pm but before I never “woke” up.
I can also report my weight has dropped. I am not eating any differently i am just MOVING which I wasn’t doing before.
I weighed in at about 280.5 lbs this morning and I think for the first time in 8 years I will go below the 280 mark. This may seem like a ridiculous goal from some but for me it is a major accomplishment.
I would like to hit 250 by September and qualify for life insurance on my husband’s work policy. I am starting to feel like I may actually do it. At Christmas I thought I would hit the 250 mark this June and didn’t happen but I also discovered the Hypothyroidism and I think that was a huge set back for me when it was undiagnosed and not at right levels.

Wish Me luck! Will weigh in tomorrow.

Increased Dosage of levothyroxine sodium – Synthroid (Levothroid)

I saw Dr. Wharton last week and had my medication for hypothyroidism increased. I was taking .75mcg of Synthroid (levothyroxine sodium_ and started taking .100 mcg of Levothroid. Not sure why the brand change- its seems they are all them thing , levothyroxine sodium.

I think on my last blood text my TSH levels were better- 3.0 but my T4 count is lower end of normal and I still feel pretty crummy.
I literally cannot move and head feels cloudy. Also gained 6 pounds in about 3 weeks. I spoke to pharmacist and asked why I would feel worse after starting the thyroid medication and the only answer he cold come up with is that my thyroid problem got a bit worse. This is the most reasonable explanation I can find for why I have felt SO much worse then before.
Aside from feeling worse- thick and slow.. I did also noticed I am not cold all the time any more. I used to have to have a HOT bath every night to get warm and I have been fine.

Hard to tell if I feel any better- I had bad flow and it has been very hot here- as well as more stress than usual. Pharmacist said I would feel better for about 6 weeks and blood test should be done at 4 week mark.

No hair falling out, thank goodness and no other side effects that I can perceive from the Synthroid.

Weight Update

So, I did it- I went and weighed myself. Almost had a free pass because batteries low on scale and thought it wouldn’t read my current weight.
I weighed 286.5. So back to pre-Christmas weights. I hate looking at excuses but I really think Synthroid is causing me to be lethargic.
Bit depressed but can hide under blankets or meet it head on. So I made myself protein smoothies and will just get on with things. Will call Dr. Wharton later today.