The New Clinic in Hamilton- The Wharton Medical Clinic for Obesity and Weight Loss

Very sorry I couldn’t and didn’t write about my appointment with Dr. Wharton at the new clinic last week. I was crazy busy and then had the flu for the last few days.

The Wharton Medical Clinic for Weight Loss

Lots to report.
First- the new clinic. The old location was The Canadian Bariatric Clinic in Burlington at Walker’s Line and #5 in a nice medical building. Dr. Wharton and Dr. Berlingieri have gone their separate ways, presumably because they needed more space. I have only met Dr. Berlingieri at one of Dr. Wharton’s free lecture and I cant see how he will be able to continue without doctor Wharton. I do think the strength of the clinic is because of Dr. Wharton himself. You just cannot match his passion and enthusiasm. At first you are but freaked out and think this can’t possibly be genuine- who can get this excited about weight loss and helping people- but he really is that into it.

So the new clinic- Dr. Wharton is very excited about it. I have some reservation- the clinic is in an AWFUL location. It is just north of Hamilton General Hospital in the east end of hamilton. It is not a nice area. As a woman on my own I felt bit nervous and don;t think I would go there at night. I am being blunt. Maybe I am jaded n my safe middle class neighborhood but if you have been going to the old clinic at JBN medical in Burlington you will be taken aback.

However- he has gone to considerable effort to make the new office welcoming while be elegant. Hardwood floors, warmly painted walls and the comfortable chairs. His staff is terrific. I did not see any of the old staff from the Canadian Bariatric Clinic while I was there.

Despite Dr, Wharton taking off in a plane for short holiday in a couple of hours he was not rushed at all- He was was very excited about the new office and some of the services he will be able to provide.
They had a machine at Canadian Bariatric Clinic that measures your metabolism and cost 90.00. At the new Wharton Medical Clinic it is free for everyone- also a better machine.

Other new things- all patients get free sessions on emotional eating, nutrition and fitness with a specialist. I believe you get a session with each of the 3 specialist and after that there is a charge.
Bi-monthly bariatric checkups. I think this is the most importance difference- accountability. Before you saw Dr. Wharton about every 6-8 weeks and now you will see some one every two weeks to check in- weight, blood pressure and pep talk :-) . Will see Dr, Wharton every 6 weeks.

Would be curious to hear from others who have gone to the new clinic and what they think. I know some of the sessions will be gin groups of 10 so looking forward to meeting people.
Dr, Wharton did also tell me that he would be continuing his free lectures every 2 weeks.

He has also slightly modified his daily menus to give metabolism a boost and that will be something he talks about at your first appointment I am sure.

As always- if you are thinking of going- I am happy to answer questions as honestly as I can.

Dr. Wharton of The Canadian Bariatric Clinic has Moved to The Wharton Medical Clinic

The Canadian Bariatric Clinic is no more!

Dr. Sean Wharton has opened his own clinic, The Wharton Medical Clinic, here . The site is still under construction but you can get some basic info, etc. I noticed you can download a referral form to take to your doctor and looks like you can get a referral if you BMI is greater than 25 – which is MOST people.

I know Dr. Berlingieri is stating at old location and re-naming it to something else. I have no clue if parting was amicable but the official reason for the split is because it was getting too busy. My only experience with Dr. Berlingieri was when I saw him speak at the weight loss lectures in Burlington. He was perfectly nice but Dr Wharton is hard to match.

I haven’t been to new clinic yet but Dr. Whartin did mention he wanted to increase services available to his patients.

I should be going soon and will report back

Big News for Canadian Bariatric Clinic- Opening Location in Hamilton

Will post more details later- but Dr. Wharton is moving to a Hamilton location and Dr. Berlingieri will stay in Burlington. The names are changing too. Last few times I have been it has been pretty crowded.

Dr. Wharton was quite excited about the move- he hinted that they would have lots more stuff for patients and he wanted to give them more attention, etc.

Next Set of Dr. Wharton’s Lectures and Free Food!

Dr. Sean Wharton of the Canadian Bariatric Clinic’s next set of free lectures is next week, Wed. March 26, 2008. You can go to his website and see exact times , dates, location, etc.

Have you been to one of his lectures? I am curious to hear what other’s think.

Canadian Bariatric Clinic’s Free weight Loss Lectures

If you are a patient at the Canadian Bariatric Clinic I HIGHLY recommend you go to one of these. If you have gone before and think it will be just the same thing -try going again. I have gone 3 or 4 times and yes some of it is repeated- however each time I have understood something at a deeper level or walked away feeling more motivated.

If you are just new to the weight loss “program” you really HAVE to go. There is no way for him to give you all this information in a 20 minute visit. Dr. Wharton talks about the importance of eating and what kinds of foods to eat and why.

I think if I had not forced myself to go to that 1st lecture, which I write in my post, Changing My Mind About The Canadian Bariatric Clinic( and lest you think I was always a cheerleader for the clinic- think again!) , I would be 40 lbs heavier than I am now… ( and with an undiagnosed thyroid issue) . It was at my first lecture that I “got it” and also was convinced that Sen was sincere in his efforts to help obese people and not just looking to make a quick buck or a name for himself. Dr. Wharton is an excellent speaker.

I have also heard the nutritionist speak and although it can be a bit dry, you will learn something.

Free Food!

At my last appt. Dr. Wharton mentioned that a company, Beneficium Foods, is giving away samples of their high protein low calorie foods and snacks. I will check them out and report back!
At my first lecture Dr. Wharton had a table set up with veggies an dip and basket of apples, water- and was encouraging every one to eat. Must have been a very odd experience for most of us- who all weight in at 300lb+ range and have not had people asking us to eat for a LONG time! I know it was a bizarre experience for me.

Dr. Wharton is very big on giving away free stuff when he can- last visit he was giving out pedometers from Boost. I think he likes giving people options and help them succeed. I know that money is always tight at the clinic ( as they are funded by OHIP) and I was glad to see he has a “sponsor” for his lectures.

Bariatric Lecture Calendar

Lowest Weight I have been in 8 Years today.

I am weighing in consistently at 282 lbs. This is lowest I have weighed in over 8 years. I know most people would be aghast at that weighing- but I am safely out of the 300 zone! I still can’t believe I was 318 lbs a few months ago.

I am anxious to get below that 280 mark- thought I wold do it by this morning but had a weird weekend- we were snowed in ( like every one else) and I have been sloppy again about food. I have been nibbling bits and bites of so-called forbidden foods. The worst habit I have picked up is going into grocery store with bulk bin… getting bits of skor bar and last week one or two pieces of fudge (!!!!)
I guess in my mind I think if it comes in small bag it doesn’t count. I did mention to Dr. Wharton that this compulsion came from a place of sabotage and not one of hunger or wanting comfort.

At my last visit with Dr. Wharton some test results came back and my thyroid was showing some problems- looked like it was over active. I believe number was 9.8 and normal range is 1.5-5.5 We redid test efore I went away and I phoned and discussed second test results- which were still bit high ( I *THINK* 5.8 ) but just over the normal range- so he will re-do again.

Part of me was relieved that maybe my issue was medical but now I am happy that I don’t have a chronic medical condition.

I keep promising pics- but this I mean it- I will!!!!


I have been travelling overseas and had no access to Internet- wanted to do a quick update. I saw Dr. Wharton at the Canadian Bariatric Clinic just before I left. Over all I am doing well. As expected no dramatic weight loss in last few weeks. I was up and down over November/December and took off about 8 lbs in January. Here in Mid-February I think I have “just”maintained. I am travelling all over the place and trying to watch what I eat. I did bring my magic bullet and protein powder as well as 3 cases of protein bars and they have been a life saver. I have not been able to weigh myself. Judging my my clothes I am doing fine, though.

My visit with Dr, Sean Wharton went well- he s very uplifting and encouraging. I also has measurements taken and lost 5 inches from my waist- which is now 41 inches hips are 55 inches.

I have received several e-mails from people just starting at Canadian Bariatric Clinic and seeing Dr. Wharton for the first time and they have found my posts helpful Some of the comments have been quite touching- I am very pleased to be of any support.

I was where you were 5 months ago…. every journey begins with that first step!

Update from Latest Visit To Canadian Bariatric Clinic

I am so immersed in Christmas stuff I never really did post about my last visit with Dr. Sean Wharton at the Canadian Bariatric Clinic in Burlington.
I spent 30 seconds- maybe less with Derek. You basically weighed me and punched something in computer. No discussion of any kind. He must have been late for his lunch . I am sorry to say this- but I don’t have a lot of confidence in his abilities.. he does seem a bit dazed and out of his element. He is not some I would confide

Dr. Wharton was his usual enthusiastic self. He is quite remarkable and passionate. I wonder what his motivation his in helping treat obesity- you just can’t fake that kind of passion.
We chatted for quite a while about the Meridia- I did ask if I could get some sleeping pills to help get some sleep- answer was resounding no. He said it could cause more problems then it would solve and give it a bit more time and the sleep issues might go away on their own, I had noticed I am not waking up so early any more. Can’t GET to sleep by can stay asleep Before I was getting to sleep at 3/4/5 am and wide awake at 7-8. No I can easily sleep until 10-ish.

Last couple of weeks have actually been better and sleep has been easier. So I am glad I didn’t go with any kind of a sleep aid. He did say that Melatonin was okay to try. I though I had some in medicine cabinet but I must have tossed.

Dr. Wharton was also quite encouraging about my weight loss. I have been quite down. I was on such a roll and really stagnated. 3 weeks ago i weighed in at 284 and later that night jean felt snug…. next morning I weighed 292. I do NOT know how that happened so quickly. The weight didn;t come off easily, either. I thought it might be a temporary fluctuation.. but nope.
So I am at 286 today. Lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks. I know I am on track and Dr. Wharton wants you to lose about a pound a week but the pounds were just MELTING away before :(

He also recommended I try the Detour bars and gave me sample of Boost liquid meal replacement for Diabetics to try.. ( yuk!)
He suggested increasing or make sure I get enough protein and that was key to cravings.
I admit I have been bad with the protein. The bars help A LOT.

Recommendations for Meal Replacement Bars/Protein Bar – Detour Bar

I saw Dr. Sean Wharton this week at the Canadian Bariatric Center – one of the things we discussed was food cravings/feeling full and getting enough protein. I am pretty much vegetarian except for the odd bit of chicken and find it hard to get enough protein.
I have been eating ALOT of protein and meal replacement bars- the one I like are from Wal-Mart, the Equate Chocolate Peanut caramel bar and Pria bar. They are about 250 calories in one bar. Dr. Wharton told me his patients like the Detour bar- and he liked it because it had less sugar and about half the carbs as other bars- and they were good price. He also gave me a sample of Boost “diabetic” meal replacement drink to try .. which I really didn’t like.

Been a few Weeks Since My Last Visit to Canadian Bariactric Clinic

My last visit to the Canadian Bariatric clinic was mid October- and when I was there is it was just for stress test, so i haven’t really talked to anyone for about 6 weeks. i think this is WAY too long. Too much time to go without any support or encouragement.
I got into a real funk over the weekend and saw the scales go all over the place. Was at 284- a record low- Sunday morning and wearing those Lands End size 22 jeans and almost wore them out but thought they wouldn’t be that comfortable on a long drive. The yesterday I put them on and felt like a giant sausage about to BLOW and went on scales and it read a DEPRESSING 291. So was a 7 lb increase in 24 hours?? Not sure how that happened.
So no pictures for right now until I am at 285.

Going to the Canadian Bariactric clinic later this week. Not suyre what they can do for me- I pretty much KNOW what is going on:
– not keeping proper daily food journals ( okay- I have stepped this up last few days
– Not eating first thing in the morning. I was religious about this up until recentely.. I get up and get a tea and sit at PC for a bit and then next thing i know an hour has gone by. I did bring an apple with me last couple of times and being more conscientious of it.
– eating food that I know will set me in a tail spin, I made the kids some Advent Calendars- suing these Hershey kisses and other Candy and I have been grabbing a chocolate kiss here and there the last couple of days- maybe 5 or 6 in last 4 days .. not a big deal but it makes it harder to turn down other foods. I have FORCED myself not to buy those Almond Meringues at Costco that only have 30 calories. I LIE to myself that i will not eat half the box in one day.. So I just do not buy.
– Sloppy with food counts. Like eating 90 grams protein and 30 grams protein. I have REALLY gone off meat and can’t seem to make it up other ways. I normally only eat chicken and no red meat but even chicken hard. I am relying heavily on meal Replacement bars to get protein. I will have to make a point of making protein shakes with fruit in the mornings from now on.

Any words of encouragement from you guys would be great!

Good Price for Salter Nutri-Weigh Scales at Costo 95.00

One of the first things that Dr. Wharton and staff (Canadian Bariatric Clinic) STRONGLY suggests is to buy a scale – specifically the Salter Nutrition Kitchen Nutriweigh scale. He even sells them at his office. They sell them for 125.00. Yes it is a lot for a food scale. This scale will also tell you the exact nutritional values of the food you are weighing tho. If you plunk down a piece of fish it will weigh it and tel you how many calories/protein.fat, etc. are in THAT piece of fish. Pretty neat,eh? The scale looks a bit like a smaller laptop and it quite thin and portable. I keep meaning to get one. I have been pretty sloppy about recording in my food journal lately.

This is what scale looks like:
Salter Nutrition Kitchen Scale - Nutri-weight