Week Six of Weightloss- Trying to avoid a downward spiral

I was on a real high last week- I am down to 140 kg 144 a month ago. That’s 318 to 308lbs.
I was doing great up until last weekend when my car broke down. Was over the long weekend and we had tons of company and our other car was in use most of the time so I didn’t get to the gym- plus my allergies/cold have been terrible. Lots of excuses I know. I forced myself to go Tuesday night and was just miserable . Gym was PACKED and couldn’t get on any of the machines. Normally I go during the day and the gym was filled with students. No luck getting on any one of the 20 elliptical trainers and the area where I do weight training which is normally dead- I had to wait to use most of the machines. Was a disaster.
The Wednesday was a donut incident- some one brought donuts to a function I was at and I had one. Then cookies later that day, etc so a real slippery slope. For sure If I don’t; make proper meals and make a point of having breakfast or a protein smoothie shake then i am headed for trouble. This week my goal will be to make sure I always have a protein shake ( vanilla protein powder . milk and frozen berries) or decent breakfast and not wait to long to eat.

So yesterday evolved into buying my “kids” a coconut cream pie for dessert and then today was so-so- we were out shopping all day and I feel like I haven’t eaten a real meal today. I did okay at Starbucks with a hot skim milk and shot of sugar free vanilla – then celebrated with a molasses cookie. ARGH. So feeling pretty down on myself. Compared to last week I feel like such a failure.
Anyway- will start tomorrow of with a good healthy start.

Week 3- Feeling Great


Stats: 318 lbs
Height 5′ 7″

I joined a gym this week. I of course feel awkward going there- the gym is mostly University students working on their buff bodies and I am by far the largest person I have seen there. The staff are friendly and nice. I certainly dont feel overly uncomfortable there. I start off with 10 minutes on elliptical trainer and then about an hour with weight machines and situps. I will post my routine another time.