Summer 2013 Update

Well… has been a while since I have been able to post. I think I have been embarrassed because I am LITERALLY the same weight i was almost 18 months ago- stuck around 260. I went down to my lowest of 235 and then started to creep and creep back up over the year and just cant shake it.
I think I am almost hitting menopause but not using as an excuse…
At pone pint couple of weeks ago I hit a horrible 270 weighing myself on the weekend and was devastated.

So I am going back to basics and REALLY REALLY REALLY trying to cut out certain foods from my diet. I always trick myself into thinking I can have “just a little bit” and then wonder why a month later I am shoving chips and candy down my throat.

My trigger foods are:

MILK I don’t know why.. I love milk and can easily drink a litre a day or more. When I cut this out things seem easier long term.

Cookies cakes pies and squares- ANYTHING sweet and crispy or gooey.. I’m in. There is no limiting or restricting here. It is all or nothing.

Ice Cream. This is a tough one. It is 95+ degrees here and hard to NOT have but I am trying very hard.

I am going to post every day this week and be accountable.
This afternoon I weighed in at 265 and I think I can be down to 260 by the weekend. Short term if I could be under 260 by Monday I will be THRILLED.

Here is how I plan to do it…
1) Guzzle water and more water.
20 No milk as a beverage ( I will have in my tea tho)
When I was at Wharton Clinic he suggested only or drink milk or water and no JUICE. I am going to slash out the milk as it is trigger for me.

2) More veggies.
I eat a fair amount of fruit but I am going to add more fiber type veggies like broccoli and cauliflower.

3) Avoid trigger foods.

4) Increase my MOVEMENT. Always room for improvement here. I am at my desk for what seems like 18 hours a day so going to have to work this in.
Will set up Wii fit tomorrow.

These seem like sensible realistic goals. I did it once…. can do it again!!!!!!!
Realistically if I look at overall picture I lost almost 100 lbs. Then gained about 25 of it back over the last 2 years. This isn’t a DISASTER… Setback at best.
Those of you who have lost and gained can relate I am sure.

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