Having a Good week- Wii Fit Says I’ve Lost 4 lbs

I have been REALLY trying not to eat sugar. I find eating sugar leads to eating MORE sugar. Actually its not so much sugar that is the issue but sugar and fat.
I have no problem with fruit or jam on toast , etc Its cookies, cakes, pies, chocolate , FUDGE , etc.
I will admit to whipping batch of fudge in moment of madness on Sunday- I had a couple of bits and then threw it out. Pretty sad , eh? Not as sad as eating whole thing.

I have hear other binge eaters or over eaters talk about same problem I have. If there is something in the house I am fixated on- I either have to eat it to “get rid” of it so I won’t eat it ( explain this logic!!! ) OR I just have to throw out. I haven’t had this in a while but have felt those thoughts creep in last few months. I really though I had whipped this problem and issue with over eating and binging.

I have been pretty good about not bringing in problem foods into the house and paying off. The most effective way for me bot to eat them is to now kid myslef into eating problem foods n the first place.
I am a master of tricking myself sometimes.

This is one of the dumbest things I do. I find myself making cookies or treats “for the family” HA! The consume most on my own. I haven’t done this in so long until recently . I was thinking about what a failure I am- but really the failure would be in not recognizing the problem is back .. ignoring it and being out of control again.

I would love to be under 250 by the weekend. I have hovered around that goal since October.
lose 4 lbs gain 6. Lose 4 lbs gain 5. And so on.

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5 thoughts on “Having a Good week- Wii Fit Says I’ve Lost 4 lbs”

  1. as funny as it sounds stick with weighing yourself on the wii fit. it honestly provoked me to lose weight and once i felt comfortable going to a new gym i continued to check in with the wii everyday. at some point though i realized its not the best way to lose tons of weight. I’ve had great success so far by doing kettlebell training sessions with licensed Michigan personal trainers http://aoskettlebells.com/michigan-personal-trainers/

    Keep it up Linda I know you can do it!

  2. Doesn’t sound funny at all!! My daughter and I have been making a ritual of it and I do feel it helps keep me “accountable”.
    I HIGHLY recommend!

  3. Hi,

    I have been using the wii fit for ages, especially pilates training for back. My son loves it as well. Weight loss with a bit of fun.

    Kinds Regards

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