Weight is Creeping back up! I hit 260 lbs last night!!!!

Wow. What a horrible example I am being. I really really thought I had my weight problem licked. I weight the most I have weighed in 2 years. I went down to about 235 lbs year and a half ago… weight keeps creeping up and I have been about 255 for 6 months. I CANNOT get this weight off and more seems to be piling on.
Here are some things that I think are the issue:
1. Sugar has become a part of my diet again.
For me, when I eat sugar I want more sugar. Today I was doing really well. Had a Subway sub at mall with my daughter- 12 inch veggie sub with honey mustard dressing and a soda water. Felt very satisfied and tasted pretty good.
We “wandered” into Laura Secord’s ( chocolate store) I am not even a huge chocolate fan so not sure how we ended up there- I think I wanted to show my daughter the chocolate Easter eggs my mom used to buy us.
Then… bought 3 small sample size chocolates… Ate one of them and within seconds I was eying $2.00 bar of Frosted Mint bar. I picked it up and took to cash- then using SOME willpower.. put it back. That was 4 hours ago and only about an hour ago did cravings for sugar/fat go away.
I forget that sugar/fat is not a friend to me- I just cant pout in my body. Small moderate portions don’t seem to work- right now anyway. Fir a while I had no problem managing myh sweet tooth but I have really slid.

2. I have started drinking milk and juice.
About 2 years ago I stopped drinking mil as a beverage. I LOVE milk. I was drinking 4-6 glasses day of 1% milk. Likely 800 calories a day just in milk. So…. I stopped drinking it as a beverage- I used in tea and cooking but not as a “drink” I lost 20 lbs in 2 months.
I am not a big juice drinking but last few months I have found myself drinking orange juice- and not a small 5 oz Juice size glass- a big tumbler.
I am going to really work at drinking just water or soda water. I have string feeling about diet drinks- I think splenda/aspartame makes me feels sick and crave still more sweets/sugar. I don’t drink pop or diet pop at all.

I have some other insights in my backsliding ways- but for this week I am going to really really make effort-to stay away form processed sugar and eliminate milk as beverage from my diet.
This morning I weighed in at 257 lbs. I cannot believe that number. Oh well- I have done it before and I can do it again!!!
NOTE: In my after pic I am 255. So I still look like my pic … but was looking and feeling great at 235!!!
Shooting for 253-255 lb. range by Saturday morning. Will keep you posted!!!!!!

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  1. Replace Sports Drinks after Exercise – Drink“electrolyte” water to receive the same benefits you would from a sugary sports drink—without the added sugar.

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