Using Wii Fit and FLY Lady to Lose Weight

Well.. embarrassed to say not much progress. Weight has bounced up and down and according to Wii Fit I am at 248 lbs. Up about 15 pounds from last year. ARGH. I can’t seem to get out of the 240’s.
Winter is not a good time for me- I cant drive at night and tend to work alot on PC ( no activity) and on top of that- all the baking and comfort foods that come with sub-zero weather.

My peak a couple of weeks ago was 255 lbs and I was SICK. Very worried I am or have backslided into old habits. I really thought I had conquered my weight loss demons- but you really do have to be on constant guard not to let yourself revert back to old FAT ways.

I have been doing FLY- lady to help myself get organized and part of doing that is “Loving Movement” every day and I have incorprated Wii Fit
into my daily routine. I have been doing with my teenage daughter- having a partner to keep me on track has help alot. You can pick up for about 75.00 and that includes disc and balance board.
My Wii Fit age is 51- not too bad! I am officially obese and have BMI of about 37.
My ideal weight should be 148. Realistically I would like to lose another 40-50 lbs to feel comfortable.
So far exercised I have been doing on Wii Fit are Yoga, Super Hulu Hoop and “Running” I do have some vague goal of actually running when nice weather hits.

Fly Lady asks you to work 15 of loving movement into your daily routine. So far I can manage this.
One thing about Wii Fit – it is very chatty and I would often like to get it to skip over some parts.

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