Lost 85 pounds and now struggling to keep it off!! Bad Habits Creeping in…

Been having problems keeping weight off last couple of months. I have been bouncing around and got as low as 232. This morning I was 253 pounds! Seemed like for 2 or 3 years I had no problems controlling my appetite and weight just dropped off.
I have been struggling all year to keep weight to take off and trying not to put on even more pounds.
One big problem- I have a boyfriend you LOVES to bake. The more exotic the better. I/m talking chocolate souffle with exploding caramel centre type stuff. my self control has been pretty good HOWEVER I do find that once I start eating sugar and fats I crave more.
I started about 3 years ago not allowing processed back goods in the house- like poptarts, granola bars, cookies, cakes.. anything. I will bake them or let kids bake anything they want.
My theory is that 1) I can control the ingredients and 2) more important it takes no effort to gran a bag of Presidents Choice chocolate chip cookies and even less effort to eat them.
If I bake myself at least I have to get in car, buy ingredient, prepare. Mostly I have been baking home made muffins, date squares and quasi healthy things.
Enter the baking boyfriend…. who means well. I don’t think he is “sabotaging” me or trying to make me fat. ( and btw boyfriend is HOT ! )
I have really noticed that the more I “allow” myself to eat the more I crave. So Sunday dinner pecan pie turns into Tuesday butter tarts, etc.
The other thing that has been happen that I think is DEADLY to my weight loss efforts is late night eating and snacking.
It has become normal to eat big bowl of cereal at 1 am. The maybe some ice cream. Yikes.
Haagan Dazs has became a staple in the freezer and so easy to consume a tub. 9 Pralines and Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate- which I think are the highest calorie!! )
I am not a believer of replacing high calorie sweets and treats with lower calorie version. I honestly think that eating processed sugars make you want more and more. As hard as it sounds may have to go cold turkey and just not have the treat for a while. OR limit it to Sunday dinner or weekends. ( See how none became well maybe on Sunday then weekends?? Slippery slope…)
So I am recommitting myself to get back on the weightloss and fitness train and trying to pull it together.
This week my goals will be to NOT have huge snack late at night.
I will accomplish this by eating a decent dinner. I find that if I skimp on dinner setting myself up for disaster later. Can fool myself into thinking I didn’t eat that much during day so okay to eat bag of sour cream and onion chips. And why do I even have in the house? What is wrong with me???

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