Importance of Drinking Water when you are obese

You really do need to drink more water when you are obese compared to “average” size person.
You have more water in your body and it needs to be replenished. Not only will your body work more efficiently it is good for digestion.
I have often found that I think I am hungry when really I am just thirsty. Would not be uncommon for me to chug 2 cups of cold milk to quench thirst when a glass of water would do the trick.
I am very careful about what I drink. I will only drink water and milk- occasionally juice with soda water.
NEVER diet drinks! I have foudn that Crystal lite, etc make me feel like crap. I also suspect that it may be f’ing up my insulin levels- and my body thinks I am ingesting sugar.
I have no proof- just a hunch- what do you think?
I try and drink AT least 8 glasses of water a day. You can in fact drink too much water so be careful.

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4 thoughts on “Importance of Drinking Water when you are obese”

  1. I totally agree that we all need to drink plenty of water for our bodies to work well and that we sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. My question is, does the recommended amount of around 3 glasses a day include coffee, fruit juice and other fluids?
    As for diet sodas, I’m pretty convinced they are just as bad if not worse than regular sodas. Here’s what I do, squeeze a sweet orange, throw in a small amount of bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda) and there you have it.

  2. Agreed. Getting plenty of water helps regulate blood flow throughout the body, thus providing better levels of oxygen working through the organs. Plus, you just feel a bit more alert and energized when your hydrated.

  3. You can do it girl!! And yes, I couldn’t agree more – I am always on the weight loss roller coaster and tend to be most successful when I drink drink drink water.

  4. @Trella- thanks for the pep talk Trella! I am about to go to my wii fit for latest news… I have been doing very well yesterday and today.
    Another thing that I find makes a HUGE difference is making sure I have protein shake it morning. I have been vigilant this week and seems to have curbed sugar craving.

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