Wow- Has it really Been a Whole Year Since I Posted?

I cant help but laugh at last post- because it is just over a year and I am THRILLED to be at same weight! Last month I has ballooned up to 297 lbs! I kid you not. I was at 272 lbs in March and put on 25 lbs in six weeks. I had an IUD put in, the Mirena and immediately put on the weight.

It has been a terrible year. My marriage has been up and down and I am in process of a right now ugly split from my husband. Very shaky ground the good news is when we split the weight literally falls off.
I was in car accident and that has left me plagued with heartaches and all kinds other problems. I am also taking a new preventive headache medication- Topamax, which helps prevent migraines and that can also work as weight loss drug.
I have not taken the Meridia for a long time and happy to be off of it.

I have totally fallen off the wagon when it comes to Dr Wharton and feel badly. I have been overwhelmed with the process of my divorce and I am in rehab, therapy and constant appts for me head injury from car accident . last month was diagnosed with a mild brain injury. What an effing year!
If I could just focus on the weight loss it would be great but the brain injury and divorce, etc have taken up all my energy and I am spread so thin. My poor kids picking up the tab on this one I am afraid.

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3 thoughts on “Wow- Has it really Been a Whole Year Since I Posted?”

  1. I am really sorry that you have not had the best year, it can really make your weight loss journey hard, as you still want to stick to it but you also realise that you have too much else to think about. I got sick (nothing too serious) about a year ago and with all the stress and worry I dropped a stone in a month – was really happy but I soon put it back on again. Life throws things at you and you get through with a smile and come back stronger – I hope things get better for you

  2. when i read your article and you mentioned the iud/merina..i too have had this procedure put in my body and now i am wondering if this is partly the reason i have gained a lot of weight in a quick time…your story shows me that i can do it again…thanks

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