Hit That Milestone- Down to 278 lbs

Long time without posting in this case means a very busy Summer. I have been doing well- I think largely because if the medication for thyroid. I am not sure but I also think I may be getting too high a dose . I had blood tested today and will know soon enough.

I am at the 278 mark- which is great because I will be getting my period any moment so I should be at around 275 by next week.

Last time I almost hit this weight was last month before camping and I out on 5 lbs.. argh, High heat, no exercise and ice cream. I will be careful this week and stay away for ice cream and marshmallows.

Still taking Meridia but not sure it makes much of a difference anymore and starting to worry about my increased heart rate.

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2 thoughts on “Hit That Milestone- Down to 278 lbs”

  1. hi

    I just started going to the Wharton clinic and am wondering if we could correspond about your experience? I am sceptical and got a bad feeling and would love to hear more in depth about how it is working for you.


  2. That is great that you’ve done so well. I’ve been taking thyroid medications as well, but mainly for depression.

    Are you still doing Meridia? How is that going? Just wondering how your weight loss has sustained.

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