Protein Rich Snacks That Are Low Calories

One thing I have been doing is eating a small snack about 15-20 minutes before I eat a meal or if I have gone long stretches without eating. Eating a snack like that gives metabolism a boost and you are not dumping 500 calories of food into your system when your metabolism in not burning at 100%.
protein snacks

High Protein Low calorie Snacks

My goto snack that is lower in calories ( under 100 calories) and has protein is yogurt. Most of the no sugar added one have about 35 calories in them so I will have 1 or two of these. I do prefer yogurt make with Splenda and I avoid aspartame

List of Protein Snack sunder 100 Calories

low calorie yogurt
hard boiled egg
1/2 Detour protein bar
low fat cottage cheese
Rice pudding or Tapioca pudding ( Kozy Shack makes a good no sugar added)
Slicked turkey or chicken
roasted soy nuts
beef jerky
2 or 3 meringue cookies

Any other ideas?? Please let me know so I can add.

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