Increased dosage of Meridia Drug for Weight Loss

One of the strategies Dr. Wharton has taken is to increase my dosage of Meridia. I have been taken 10 mg a day since last September. My weight loss has totally plateaued and not only that- I gained 6 pounds in the last month ( which I chalk up to my thyroid issues.. but more about that later)
He didn’t seem discouraged about the weight gain. He think adding a protein snack before eating to boost metabolism will help and also re-testing my blood for TSH and T4 levels for my thyroid.
I was nervous about the higher does of meridia as I had HUGE sleeping issues for the first 2 months that I took it in the Fall.

I have also been going through HUGE stress( stressors?) and my eating has been very sloppy. Hopefully going to the clinic every 2 weeks will help.

One of my weight loss goals was to get insurance through my husband company this June- I need to be weigh 250 lbs to be eligible and I really thought I would. I mentioned this to Dr. Wharton and he said not to worry- it will be September instead.

So- started new meal plan- which adds a protein snack before eating a main meal. Needs to be about 75 calories and have protein. He recommended these bars but now I can’t remember their name. Was a small Canadian company that makes them.

I think I will make and post a list of snacks that have protein and are 75 calories later this week. I am aware that there are no recent pics- will take care of that , too.

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