Coming Clean- I Gained Weight

I am totally all over the place and in real danger of losing everything I worked for over the last few months.
I currently weigh about 285+ . I am afraid to get on the scales. I will weight myself today an post results. I haven’t made an appointment with Dr, Wharton because I keep meaning to go when I lose weight0 but I just don’t.

I know the medication for thyroid has really affected me- I have no energy for anything and even my house is a disaster- I just can;t get going. I have been taking Synthroid for hypothyroidism for about 2 months now and feel pretty crummy.
i have thought about going to my family doctor and seeing if she has any options.

Feeling pretty depressed. June is when we update our health coverage with my husbands medical plan and one of my goals was to qualify for life insurance. I need to weight 250 and at Christmas time that seemed like an achievable goal.

I will commit to two things today:
1. Weight Myself.
2. Call Dr. Wharton ( who has a new clinic)

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