Crappy Week Weight Wise

I was feeling really great after my last visit with Dr. Wharton- I was down 5 VERY hard won pounds and at 280. I thought I would see a 279 or lower any day. Two days later on the scale I saw the dreaded 289 number!!! I was shocked- I have been doing EVERYTHING right-breakfast, journaling, etc. Was quite a blow. How I could go up 7 lbs in two days is mystery and after reading websites I feel like I should blame the thyroid medication. I just don’t know what it is.

This morning I was back to 282. With such little progress it is hard to keep going. I am sorry if I sound like a broken record! When things go badly I end up avoiding any posts- feel like I have nothing to offer but negativity – however maybe writing down how I feel and IF and WHEN there is progress I can look back and be glad I didn’t give up.

I may also update the web site this week among other things.

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