Oh- And I lost 5 lbs since last Visit…

So will write about that as well. The last week I made a BIG push and really watched what i hate and forced myself to go for a couple of walks.
I was on a real roll making and eating those meringue cookies every day… so stopped that. Was conscious of eating in am and cut out rice. So instead of fish /rice/salad for dinner I have just been having more salad or throwing in some roasted soy beans and sunflower seeds, cranberries etc to make more interesting. Also watching how much milk I drink- I can tend to drink too much.

So- I MAY see a 270-ish number be this weekend. Will be a big milestone for me. I have some challenging situations coming up- a family dinner on the weekend and a potluck Friday. I have done pretty well at potlucks since i stared dieting and hope to continue the trend.

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