Dumb The Biggest Loser Strategy- Possible Spoiler

**** Spoiler Below*****

I can’t believe I am posting about this. I have never watched this show til now. I find it oddly inspiring. I know they weight loss is totally unrealistic and I get so mad when contestants beat themselves up when they “only” lose 5 lbs. Drives me nuts. As the show goes on I like it a LITTLE better and get attached to the people on the show and happy that they are finally losing weight. I hope they get help with maintenance!!!

I have to constantly changing who I am routing for as they keep getting booted off. I have always liked Dan an Brittany and Kelli grew on me- she is becoming less of a “victim: I LOATHE the two brothers Mark and Jay. Big blubberfest with those two. Mark is the worst and Jay is a bit of a dumb lug.
I just about cried when he was freaking out about what his kids were eating- major control issues there!
For the life of me cannot see WHY no one votes those two off! How can they be so dumb? Does Roger think that Mark will stick by him as numbers get low??? Or maybe he thinks he will always stay above the yellow line.

Getting rid of Dan made no sense to me, Get rid of Mark!!!! Toss out that team.

I am down to hoping Kelli wins. Alli is looking good but she rubs me the wrong way.
Used to have a quasi-crush on Bob even though he is gay but turned off by his competitive streak and shutting out all the girls and Bernie who I loved.

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