Stuck in A Slump?? Going back to Diet Basics

I feel like I did a couple of month ago when I was stuck for WEEKS at 289. I have been in the 281-283 zone forever it seems.
My weight loss momentum is slowing down. I wonder if Meridia is still working? I have been taking the Synthroid for a week now.. so maybe that will boost my metabolism and my thyroid has been an issue.

I have been pretty sloppy about dieting last couple of days. maybe subconsciously I think I don;t have to because I have all ready lost so much weight and the thyroid was the problem ( and no its not- just another way I trick my brain…)

At last visit Dr. Wharton mentioned that most people can only keep records for 2 weeks ( he means food diary) He is right I start and stop all the time.

I am going back to basics today- record keeping, drink lots of water, eat frequently and getting rid of danger foods in the house.

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