Next Set of Dr. Wharton’s Lectures and Free Food!

Dr. Sean Wharton of the Canadian Bariatric Clinic’s next set of free lectures is next week, Wed. March 26, 2008. You can go to his website and see exact times , dates, location, etc.

Have you been to one of his lectures? I am curious to hear what other’s think.

Canadian Bariatric Clinic’s Free weight Loss Lectures

If you are a patient at the Canadian Bariatric Clinic I HIGHLY recommend you go to one of these. If you have gone before and think it will be just the same thing -try going again. I have gone 3 or 4 times and yes some of it is repeated- however each time I have understood something at a deeper level or walked away feeling more motivated.

If you are just new to the weight loss “program” you really HAVE to go. There is no way for him to give you all this information in a 20 minute visit. Dr. Wharton talks about the importance of eating and what kinds of foods to eat and why.

I think if I had not forced myself to go to that 1st lecture, which I write in my post, Changing My Mind About The Canadian Bariatric Clinic( and lest you think I was always a cheerleader for the clinic- think again!) , I would be 40 lbs heavier than I am now… ( and with an undiagnosed thyroid issue) . It was at my first lecture that I “got it” and also was convinced that Sen was sincere in his efforts to help obese people and not just looking to make a quick buck or a name for himself. Dr. Wharton is an excellent speaker.

I have also heard the nutritionist speak and although it can be a bit dry, you will learn something.

Free Food!

At my last appt. Dr. Wharton mentioned that a company, Beneficium Foods, is giving away samples of their high protein low calorie foods and snacks. I will check them out and report back!
At my first lecture Dr. Wharton had a table set up with veggies an dip and basket of apples, water- and was encouraging every one to eat. Must have been a very odd experience for most of us- who all weight in at 300lb+ range and have not had people asking us to eat for a LONG time! I know it was a bizarre experience for me.

Dr. Wharton is very big on giving away free stuff when he can- last visit he was giving out pedometers from Boost. I think he likes giving people options and help them succeed. I know that money is always tight at the clinic ( as they are funded by OHIP) and I was glad to see he has a “sponsor” for his lectures.

Bariatric Lecture Calendar

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