Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) Today

I had some blood test done in the New Year that showed some off numbers.. redid the test and there were on the high side of normal so Dr. Wharton re-did the test last week and sure enough high again. They are not crazy high so I actually have sub-clinical Hypothyroidism. This means my TSH levels are hight but my T4 level are in normal ranges.
From my reading some doctors may or may not treat- but because of my weight issues and fatigue we are going to try treating it and see what happens.

Also from what I read- the numbers are not important as how you feel. So higher number may not mean “worse” if asymptomatic.

So now I am taking 75 mg of Synthroid (Levothyroxine) each day. Apparently I will not feel effects right away- may tkle a few days or weeks. being retested again in 3 weeks.

Looking at the list of symptoms they are pretty vague:

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

* Increased sensitivity to cold
* Constipation
* Pale, dry skin
* A puffy face
* Hoarse voice
* An elevated blood cholesterol level
* Unexplained weight gain
* Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
* Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints
* Muscle weakness
* Heavier than normal menstrual periods
* Depression

Of the above Hypothyroidism symptoms, you could say I- and anyone else- have had these symptoms at one time or another. I am alwys cold. I even bought a hot tub so I could deal with it. I also have a heated mattress pad. But- I also live in cold climate so that could be it too :-).
I am not pale or puffy faced. I do not have a hoarse voice ( that I know of…). My cholesterol is fine. My muscles are always sore.. but I am also obese. I do suffer from terrible RLS ( restless leg syndrome) and get leg cramps often so maybe ?
No swelling that I know of. No muscle weakness. Depression- yes- but that is always been an issue for me.
Heavier than normal menstrual periods- well- I was mentioning yesterday to my husband that in the last year my periods have been awful But again- maybe my age… who knows.

More info on Hypothyroidism

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  1. I’m on synthroid too. 300mg. I’m taking mine at night..since I’m not eating at that time..seems to be ok.

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