Lowest Weight I have been in 8 Years today.

I am weighing in consistently at 282 lbs. This is lowest I have weighed in over 8 years. I know most people would be aghast at that weighing- but I am safely out of the 300 zone! I still can’t believe I was 318 lbs a few months ago.

I am anxious to get below that 280 mark- thought I wold do it by this morning but had a weird weekend- we were snowed in ( like every one else) and I have been sloppy again about food. I have been nibbling bits and bites of so-called forbidden foods. The worst habit I have picked up is going into grocery store with bulk bin… getting bits of skor bar and last week one or two pieces of fudge (!!!!)
I guess in my mind I think if it comes in small bag it doesn’t count. I did mention to Dr. Wharton that this compulsion came from a place of sabotage and not one of hunger or wanting comfort.

At my last visit with Dr. Wharton some test results came back and my thyroid was showing some problems- looked like it was over active. I believe number was 9.8 and normal range is 1.5-5.5 We redid test efore I went away and I phoned and discussed second test results- which were still bit high ( I *THINK* 5.8 ) but just over the normal range- so he will re-do again.

Part of me was relieved that maybe my issue was medical but now I am happy that I don’t have a chronic medical condition.

I keep promising pics- but this I mean it- I will!!!!

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