I have been travelling overseas and had no access to Internet- wanted to do a quick update. I saw Dr. Wharton at the Canadian Bariatric Clinic just before I left. Over all I am doing well. As expected no dramatic weight loss in last few weeks. I was up and down over November/December and took off about 8 lbs in January. Here in Mid-February I think I have “just”maintained. I am travelling all over the place and trying to watch what I eat. I did bring my magic bullet and protein powder as well as 3 cases of protein bars and they have been a life saver. I have not been able to weigh myself. Judging my my clothes I am doing fine, though.

My visit with Dr, Sean Wharton went well- he s very uplifting and encouraging. I also has measurements taken and lost 5 inches from my waist- which is now 41 inches hips are 55 inches.

I have received several e-mails from people just starting at Canadian Bariatric Clinic and seeing Dr. Wharton for the first time and they have found my posts helpful Some of the comments have been quite touching- I am very pleased to be of any support.

I was where you were 5 months ago…. every journey begins with that first step!

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