Virtual Weight Loss Before and After Pictures- How Will I Look After I Lose Weight?

Craete Your Own Before and After Weightloss Pics with Virtual Model

Create Before and After Pictures of yourself .

What Will I look Like at My Goal Weight?

You can use a Virtual model to see how you look now- and how you will look at your goal weight. Several online shopping sites have these they will be called “virtual model” or “my virtual model” or something like that. Land End has one- but the highest weight it will take is 250 lbs. I guess they think no one will buy their clothes if they see what they “really” look like.

The one I like best is the My Virtual Model, it is easy to use and VERY customizable. After you finish it- just use print screen and copy in an image editing software to edit/crop save or use a screen capture software of some sort.
Note: Prevention magazine also has a “weight loss simulator” here , which to me looks like exactly the program as the clothing sites are using.

Here is my model at 318 lbs:
315 before pic

How I will look at goal weight of 225:
after weight loss pic

Here is what I am supposed to look like now at 280:
280 weight loss pic

is not a bad likeness. I will get new pics up in next couple of days.

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