Encouraging Your Child To Become Bulimic? WTF????

Wow. this call really got me thinking. Last week I was in husbands car and he had Howard Stern show on. A woman called in to discuss her problem. Child protective services had warned her that they might take her daughter away from her. Her 15 year old daughter weighed 285 lbs (about the same as me now) . For fear of her daughter being taken away- and then her other kids- she was encouraging her daughter to purge after a binge!!!! OMG. If you are unaware of risks and stupidity f this- terry Schiavo was doing this and this is what made her go into a coma! Other risks besides death are your teeth rotting from enamel, burns and danger to esophagus, etc

The people on Howard Stern came down on the woman pretty hard- who seemed to think she would get sympathy and praise (!)
She said she had tried everything.. Her daughter would eat whole dinners for the family, etc.
I have been thinking about this all week- it really disturbed me. My husband and I have talked about what we do if we noticed our kids leaning toward obesity. But hterory is different then reality.
One thing with my dieting is I am just not keeping temptation food in the house. We can all survive without puddings, cakes, cookies and ice creams. If I do have treat here in cupboards they are ones I don’t care about. My kids can always buy chocolate bar or whatever with their allowance if they feel the need.
My kids are all very healthy and athletic and I have done all I can not to pass on my issues to them. Forbidding foods is not something I do- but I am fine with just buying them. About the only food I don’t “allow” them to have is anything with aspartame or caffeine. I also tend to not buy juice that much.

I have a quite over weight girlfriend and her son is very heavy- probably by about 50 lbs. She stocks her cupboard with Kraft Dinner and lunch is usually hot dogs or pizza pockets. We just don’t have those foods in the house. Even before dieting My issues would be with sneaking foods.
I actually place no limits on my kids eating- I also don’t have crap in the house. There is likely to be an argument for that last orange as the last bowl of ice cream.
If my daughter wanted to buy 10 chocolate bars with her allowance- its not something I would forbid. Who knows- if my parent had thrown giant quantities of chocolate at me maybe i would have turned my head away.
Over eating isn’t always about food. it can be about self-esteem, feeling good, being angry and especially control. Fat parents do have fat kids- they are usually eating the same things. MacDonald’s, Fried chicken, deep fried food, donuts, pizza, etc. All foods high in white flour and fats.
Getting rid of these foods is half the battle.

Exercise has to be fun if it is to become a habit and a life long one. All kids have a passion for something- hockey, dance, gymnastics, etc If your child doesn’t like it- find something else. Forcing your kids to do exercise they don’t want to do becomes a control and power play. Sometimes doing something with them is a big part of it. Making a special time for you an done of your kids to go for walk or hike may be more than just exercise :-)

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