Update from Latest Visit To Canadian Bariatric Clinic

I am so immersed in Christmas stuff I never really did post about my last visit with Dr. Sean Wharton at the Canadian Bariatric Clinic in Burlington.
I spent 30 seconds- maybe less with Derek. You basically weighed me and punched something in computer. No discussion of any kind. He must have been late for his lunch . I am sorry to say this- but I don’t have a lot of confidence in his abilities.. he does seem a bit dazed and out of his element. He is not some I would confide

Dr. Wharton was his usual enthusiastic self. He is quite remarkable and passionate. I wonder what his motivation his in helping treat obesity- you just can’t fake that kind of passion.
We chatted for quite a while about the Meridia- I did ask if I could get some sleeping pills to help get some sleep- answer was resounding no. He said it could cause more problems then it would solve and give it a bit more time and the sleep issues might go away on their own, I had noticed I am not waking up so early any more. Can’t GET to sleep by can stay asleep Before I was getting to sleep at 3/4/5 am and wide awake at 7-8. No I can easily sleep until 10-ish.

Last couple of weeks have actually been better and sleep has been easier. So I am glad I didn’t go with any kind of a sleep aid. He did say that Melatonin was okay to try. I though I had some in medicine cabinet but I must have tossed.

Dr. Wharton was also quite encouraging about my weight loss. I have been quite down. I was on such a roll and really stagnated. 3 weeks ago i weighed in at 284 and later that night jean felt snug…. next morning I weighed 292. I do NOT know how that happened so quickly. The weight didn;t come off easily, either. I thought it might be a temporary fluctuation.. but nope.
So I am at 286 today. Lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks. I know I am on track and Dr. Wharton wants you to lose about a pound a week but the pounds were just MELTING away before :(

He also recommended I try the Detour bars and gave me sample of Boost liquid meal replacement for Diabetics to try.. ( yuk!)
He suggested increasing or make sure I get enough protein and that was key to cravings.
I admit I have been bad with the protein. The bars help A LOT.

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  1. I have just been referred to Dr.Wharton and am awaiting my preliminary visit. What should I expect? Any suggestions, tricks or inside scoop?

  2. It can bee intimidating at first- very scary to walk into the office and feel the weight of years of failure and shame. It is a bit of a slap in the face when you get there and you feel a bit like a piece of meat or part of assembly line… Sorry to sound harsh- but that’s how it feels.. AT FIRST. The auxiliary staff are nice- but you do get a sense that they want you in and out. Dr. Wharton is wonderful. He see tons of patients everyday and a but jarring at first when you first meet him. A bit of a sense that he can’t wakit to get to the “good” part and the first visit is old hat to him.. He can be quite charming and enthusiastic. I think the initial visit they deal with so many new people that you don’t walk away feeling special at all… I am sorry to be blunt- I am telling you this so you will be prepared and not walk away disappointed.
    He has great, common sense advice. His passion is not a put on. I would STRONGLY suggest you go to one of his lectures which are every other Wednesday. You will learn more than any book or website. The first few days you just keep a journal of what you eat.
    You will certainly never feel judged or badly- he is a decent, kind person and very realistic.
    He also won’t tell you the same stuff you hear at doctors- like join weight watchers, walk more, etc. stuff you KNOW all ready. He is very big on eating :-)
    I would love to hear how it goes for you- please keep me updated if you can. I saw him for the first time in late September and I have lost about 35 lbs. so far. I can tell you it is the first time I have felt HOPE in a long long time.
    Good Luck!

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