Slippery Slope… One’s Too Many and a Thousand Not Enough

The saying in post title refers to the way many alcoholics feel about alcohol. I can relate.

Last week I quasi-binged on these Almond Meringue thingy-s from Costco. I ate about 20 of them in a day… felt GROSS. Calorie-wise it was about 600 calories- but was the sugar that got me going… the next day I has a Werther’s candy from bowl that beside cash at a store.. then I bought a bag of the candies at the grocery store the next day… Went to a potluck the day after that and was nibbling at cheesecake and baklava!

WTF? How’d that happen???? I trace it back to the cookies a few days earlier.
I REALLY REALLY cannot have sugar. It send me into a tailspin that makes me feel out of control.

Sugar is My Drug of Choice

I think may just have to treat it like a “drug” that gives me negative side effects. I am fine when i don’t have have it.. but a little bit can topple me over.
It is embarrassing to have to write this . When I take an honest look at me eating and the fact the I don’t have control over my eating.My first husband was an alcoholic and when we discussed his drinking I could completely relate to feeling he had. He used to say to me “Every day I wake up telling myself I won’t drink… and every day I drink” The despair and total lack of hope in those words still haunts me today.

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