Good Price for Salter Nutri-Weigh Scales at Costo 95.00

One of the first things that Dr. Wharton and staff (Canadian Bariatric Clinic) STRONGLY suggests is to buy a scale – specifically the Salter Nutrition Kitchen Nutriweigh scale. He even sells them at his office. They sell them for 125.00. Yes it is a lot for a food scale. This scale will also tell you the exact nutritional values of the food you are weighing tho. If you plunk down a piece of fish it will weigh it and tel you how many calories/protein.fat, etc. are in THAT piece of fish. Pretty neat,eh? The scale looks a bit like a smaller laptop and it quite thin and portable. I keep meaning to get one. I have been pretty sloppy about recording in my food journal lately.

This is what scale looks like:
Salter Nutrition Kitchen Scale - Nutri-weight

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2 thoughts on “Good Price for Salter Nutri-Weigh Scales at Costo 95.00”

  1. I have always had issues with my weight, and I am obsessive with knowing what is in my food and how many calories I’m consuming. It always worries me when I am out with friends or family in a restaurant and I don’t know the nutrition facts. Your blog definitely shows that more people need to be educated about the fat content in their food. I’m definitely buying one of those. I am part of an online community that is centered around supporting one another through our weight loss. I really think that everyone there would benefit from what you’ve shared. If you’re interested in sharing your story, you could go to :

    thank you for sharing. Good luck with everything!’

    Warm thoughts-
    Chantal P.

  2. Linda,
    I just wanted to leave you a message of thanks! I was at the same clinic today for the first time and had many of the same feelings you have experessed in your posts. Some things have definitely changed (I didn’t see any product sales), but it was still very busy. Anyways, I was definitely feeling rushed, uninformed and skeptical about the process. You have given me hope and your plan and experience makes me feel like this may be the place for me. I think you’re the best google hit I’ve ever gotten :)

    Thank you again for sharing!

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