What’s Your Kryptonite? My Top 10 List Of Trigger Foods

There are certain foods that i cannot keep in the house. They will call to me from the refrigerator, cupboard or pantry. Its funny- but some foods I fixate on- and other that are similar I could care less about. For example- I tend to hate store bought cookies… like anything Mr. Christie, I could care less about Oreos, Fudgee-o’s whatever.. but home made chocolate ship anything sends me into tail spin. Muffins.. whatever- banana bread I could eat a whole loaf.
It is KEY to know your trigger food and not kids yourself that you will buy them “for the family” . I have baked many brownies and cookies for the family… yet the family never seems to get a chance to eat them.
below are foods that are DANGEOUS to me and could set me back.

1. Fudge. Real Fudge of any kind.
2. Carrot cake.
3. cheesecake
4. Pecan Pie
5. Homemade brownies.
6. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
7. Halvah ( a Middle eastern treat.. sesame oil, honey and nuts and incredible texture)
8. cinnamon buns
9. Baked loafs (banana bread, date and nut loaf, etc)
10. Poppycock ( a buttercrunch , popcorn almond, walnut mixture)

What are your trigger foods? think about them and be honest with yourself. Don;t make them. If you love chocolate chip cookies- make ginger cookies for the bake sale…

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