Surviving Halloween on a Diet- Tips To get Through Halloween and Lose Weight

Well- after the pecan pie incident of Thanksgiving I learned lesson. I did not go overboard or anything- I had small piece and within calorie range for the day. But I was reeling for about a week … fighting off cravings and urges to eat. I really have a problem with certain foods. I just don’t think I should eat them or try and incorporate into my diet- much like an alcoholic should not try and have occasional glass of wine with dinner.

So- Here are some ideas for getting through Halloween and mounds of candy that is everywhere:-)

– Do not buy candy to give out that YOU like. If it is a huge problem- then buy non-food items like stickers, toys, etc.
I personally don;t really eat chips/cheezies/doritos so I bought that to give out. Usually I would by Cadbury chocolate anything… and then pick at the bag(s) and left overs. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If its not there you can’t eat it.

– Halloween parties: Bring veggies and low fat dip. I went to one yesterday and was fine. Normally pot lick type thing like that will be HARD for me. I also made sure i ate- PLENTY before we left. Also carried some fruit and protein bar in my bag just in case.
Protein will curb hunger and cravings. Better to eat a nd 250 calories protein bar ( drink lots of water ) then pig out on brownies and chocolate.
– Have kids keep their stash out of site. Not in a big bowl on kitchen counter.

– Let your kids eat it til its gone- none of this 1 chocolate bar a day for 6 months. Dentist will also agree this is best method. Have it GONE and over with rather than laying around tempting you.
I also think letting them eat and not “restricting” foods removes emotion and guilt from eating and a good thing for the kids. Attributing any emotion to food is playing with fire.

Is it fair to have other suffer or have their lives affected by your dieting? It depends. My family would rather make small sacrifics to help me achieve goals rather than have me fail. I am not trying to fit into a bikini for Christmas Holiday- I just want to live past 50 years old.

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