Canadian Bariatric Clinic: 3rd Visit with Dr. Wharton and Tests

I went for me third visit yesterday. I should say at this point that I am RARELY wrong when assessing people and situations- and this turn out to be a time when my initial impression was way off base. I was wrong. I will write later about it- just to say that my initial skepticism has proven unfounded. Dr. Wharton is the real deal.

I went to my 3rd visit at Canadian Bariatric Clinic lead by Dr. Sean Wharton. I had an ECG test and breath test. Went very smoothly and took very little time. Technician quite friendly.

Saw Derek, whose role I am not 100% sure of… My best guess is that he inputs what I tell him into a computer to save Dr. Wharton time. There are not many question he is able to answer- most because of legal reasons. He also does not seem that knowledgeable in general- he has admitted to being new to the field. he is amiable and friendly however and if you are the type that is nervous to get weighed or discuss food issues he is very non-threatening.

Weigh-in- Was disappointed. As i thought the other scales at family doctors office are not in sync.. so I am at 301. Which means from last visit at CBC ( Canadian Bariatric Clinic) I am down about 7 lbs.

I then saw Dr. Wharton- I often have to resist calling him Sean, as he is quite open and warm. When I fist met him last month I thought him disingenuous but I think I misread his motives. He really is THAT passionate and committed to his work and does not have the air of arrogance that most medical professionals to carry.

I was unusually chatty and wired at the visit. I have extreme sensitivity to caffeine and mistakenly had a non-decaf tea earlier in the day- so I talked doctors ear off…
Key Points:
I asked about headaches that I thought might becoming from Meridia- he suggested I try drinking more water- that it could be toxins being released as I lose weight.

he did also ask if I would like to be part of weight loss support group he is starting up soon. I eagerly agreed.

Insomnia: I am having a rough time with not sleeping. Some night I can get to sleep but wake up early.. other I can’t get to sleep easily and worst nights- both. I wonder if headaches are from loss of sleep. Dr. Wharton said that if they side effects continue to be a problem then at some point we could look at stopping the Meridia.

Bizarre Dreams: He mentioned this was probably because of the poor quality of sleep.

We then talked about some non- weightless related stuff and had quite a long visit. I left energized.

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